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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 529 - 529 Trouble Again

529 Trouble Again

Xing Min straightened his expression before continuing, “I roughly have some clues about who it is, but I can’t say before I’m sure.”

“However, I can’t ruin Linglong’s reputation after so many years.”

Xing Min revealed a guilty expression. “It’s my lack of ability that caused the current situation…”

“If Miss Lin can really help Linglong survive this crisis, I will definitely transfer all of Linglong’s shares to Miss Lin!”

Wang Qi was a little surprised.

Even if Xing Min was in a hurry to find someone to save Linglong, logically speaking, he would not transfer all his shares. After all, if he did, it would be equivalent to giving up on Linglong!

Jin Yan came to discuss the acquisition today only for a portion of Linglong’s shares!

Seeing the same surprised expression on Lin Yun’s face, Xing Min immediately explained, “Miss Lin, don’t worry. I shall hand over all my shares to express my gratitude.”

“After all, if Miss Lin doesn’t make a move, Linglong will probably be doomed!”

At this point, it would be unreasonable for Lin Yun to refuse.

However, investment was not a small matter after all. Moreover, with Lin Yun’s current strength, could she really buy Linglong?

Lin Yun tilted her head and looked at Jin Yan with a questioning expression. Clearly, she was not confident in doing this.

Jin Yan naturally saw Lin Yun’s hesitation. Just as he was about to speak, he heard a shout from outside the door.

Xing Min’s expression instantly darkened as he looked in the direction of the door.

There were a few of his subordinates guarding the door. As such, there shouldn’t be such a huge commotion.

Who was causing trouble for him at this critical moment?

Xing Min and the others’ attention was attracted by the sound outside, but Lin Yun immediately recognized that the sound that caused the commotion outside seemed to be Mimi!

Wasn’t she locked up?

How could she still be so lively?

Before Lin Yun could react, she heard a loud bang from the door.

Immediately after, Mimi screamed, “CEO Xing, my Mi family can pay for Linglong! Really! My father has already sent me the authorization!”

“Don’t grab me! Let me in!” Mimi screamed at the top of her lungs again.

In the next moment, there was only a sobbing sound.

Clearly, Mimi’s mouth was covered.

But soon, another voice sounded at the door.

Xing Min’s expression turned even uglier.

He stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door and saw CEO Xing rushing in.

CEO Xing rushed too fiercely and couldn’t stop at all. He fell flat on his face.

He couldn’t care less about his loosened front teeth and bleeding lips. He grabbed Xing Min’s arm and said, “Believe me! I can really do it this time!”

“The Mi family of Sea City has already agreed to buy Linglong!” CEO Xing said as he touched his slightly hot lips.

“Ah! Blood!” Only then did he realize that his mouth was in a more tragic state than before.

At this moment, Xing Min’s mind was filled with the thought, “If killing is not illegal, I really want to twist this guy’s head off.”

He took a deep breath and said to CEO Xing, “I’ll handle Linglong’s matter. Get out immediately!”

Mimi’s previous sorry state was gone as she walked into the conference room.

Previously, she did not know Xing Min’s identity, so she could not help but be a little cold to this man.

However, after talking to her old man on the phone, Mimi’s target changed.

She glanced sideways at CEO Xing, whose face was covered in blood, and a hint of disdain flashed across her eyes.

Then, she smiled charmingly at Xing Min. “Listen to me.”

“That Lin Yun is just a fake daughter of the Lin family. The Wang Qi beside her is also a lady the Wang family doesn’t like.” Mimi said their identities with some disdain.

“I’m different. Our Mi family is famous in Sea City. We still have a lot of cooperation with the Lin family. We can be said to be on the same side.”

“You should know the Lin family, right? More than 70% of Sea City’s capital is basically in the hands of the Lin family. Even the Wang family is now in the hands of the Lin family.”

“My strength is not much more valuable than that unreliable Lin Yun!”