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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 528 - 528 Linglong's Secret

528 Linglong’s Secret

Jin Yan shook his head and said, “After all, buying Linglong is a big deal. Of course, I have to consult Miss Lin!”

After Jin Yan finished speaking, he immediately said to Xing Min, “CEO Xing, this is Miss Lin I told you about. I need her permission to invest.”

Xing Min looked at Lin Yun in shock, his eyes almost falling out.

The old man not far away also coughed in a low voice, clearly shocked by Jin Yan’s words.

Wang Qi first looked at Jin Yan in surprise, then at Lin Yun with a frown.

Lin Yun smiled awkwardly at Wang Qi before saying to Xing Min, “CEO Xing, is it convenient for us to find a place to talk?”

She didn’t want to stand here and be “publicly executed.”

Moreover, she did not want too many people to know about her relationship with Jin Yan.

Fortunately, Xing Min had already cleaned up the scene to welcome Jin Yan. Otherwise…

In Ling Long’s largest reception conference room, Lin Yun, Wang Qi, and Jin Yan sat on one side, and Xing Min and the old man sat on the other.

As for CEO Xing and Mimi, they were ordered to be temporarily detained in a lounge.

“Mr. Jin, what exactly is going on?” Xing Min asked the smiling Jin Yan.

At the same time, Wang Qi turned to Lin Yun and gritted her teeth. Her eyes conveyed the same question as Xing Min’s.

Lin Yun looked awkward, not knowing how to respond to Wang Qi.

Jin Yan smiled at Xing Min and said, “I’ve been negotiating various investment projects as Miss Lin’s agent.”

“Although Miss Lin trusts me very much, I definitely have to communicate with Miss Lin about a big case like Linglong first.”

“However, it’s a coincidence that CEO Xing actually entertained Miss Lin first. I think Miss Lin should already have her own judgment on whether to invest in Linglong.”

Hearing Jin Yan’s words, Xing Min’s heart instantly turned cold.

When Wang Qi heard this, she burst out laughing.

Initially, she was very dissatisfied with Linglong’s service and Xing Min’s attitude. Now, even if there was hope for this investment, she had to think of a way to ruin it!

Wang Qi narrowed her eyes and looked at Xing Min, looking like she wanted to teach him a lesson.

Although Lin Yun was not as angry as Wang Qi, she was still a little disappointed in Linglong’s service.

However, there was something else that made her even more curious.

“CEO Xing, I want to understand what kind of crisis Linglong encountered to make you suddenly look for another investor?” Lin Yun’s tone was calm as if she was talking about a small matter that had nothing to do with her.

Xing Min frowned as he looked at Lin Yun as if there were some things that he found difficult to say.

The old man sitting beside him glared at Xing Min and said angrily, “What’s so difficult about that? The truth is the truth! Do you really not want Miss Lin to invest?”

When Xing Min heard this, he immediately straightened his expression and said, “Linglong was robbed of some business secrets a while ago, causing our capital chain to suddenly break. A few investors also withdrew their investments overnight. If we still can’t find a new investor, Linglong will really close down!”

“Business secrets were stolen?” Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly, suddenly feeling that there seemed to be something else going on.

Xing Min clasped his hands on the table and took a deep breath before saying, “Yes! A hacker cracked Ling Long’s internal system and tampered with all the funds.”

“In addition, we also leaked the bids for the few tender projects that Linglong is about to do.”

“Linglong’s performance has fallen in the past few years, so we planned to rely on these projects to recover our funds, but now…”

Lin Yun was a little puzzled. “I thought that Linglong had a good reputation and was a rare wild crane in the industry. I didn’t expect you to encounter such a thing.”

When the old man heard this, he sighed heavily. “I heard that someone plans to open a hotel similar to Linglong, but Linglong clearly affected the other party, so the other party plans to eliminate Linglong first before opening another hotel!”

When Wang Qi heard this, she slammed the table angrily. “Who’s so shameless!”

Everyone present was shocked by Wang Qi.

Wang Qi smiled apologetically at the others and sat down again. “I’m sorry! I was excited! Continue…”