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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 527 - 527 Chance Encounter

527 Chance Encounter

“I’m sorry about today. We’ve already investigated the matter…” Xing Min said as he leaned slightly toward the two of them.

“We’re very sorry for the bad experience this time.”

“I hope our Linglong can entertain the two of you in the future to make up for it.”

“Linglong still has private matters to deal with today, so we won’t delay the both of you.”

As Xing Min spoke, he said to his subordinates standing behind Lin Yun and the other woman, “Send the two ladies safely to where they want to go.”

His subordinate immediately received the order.

Wang Qi looked arrogant. “CEO Xing is really polite! However, we can’t afford to use you!”

After Wang Qi finished speaking, she pulled Lin Yun out.

Xing Min immediately gestured for his subordinate to follow the two of them. No matter what, there could not be any more trouble at this time.

As the saying went, the more afraid one was, the more it would happen.

Wang Qi and Lin Yun had just reached the door when they bumped into two people.

One of them was dressed almost exactly the same as Xing Min’s subordinate. He must be another of Xing Min’s subordinates.

The other person was wearing a black suit and carrying a document bag. He looked more like a businessman.

However, Xing Min’s subordinate seemed to be very respectful to this man in a black suit. When he saw Wang Qi and Lin Yun walking over angrily, he immediately stood in front of them.

Wang Qi raised her eyebrows and was immediately furious.

She turned to glare at Xing Min angrily and questioned, “CEO Xing, we’ve given your Linglong enough respect!”

“Why are you making things difficult for us again and again!”

Before Wang Qi could finish her temper, Xing Min had already walked forward quickly.

Lin Yun looked at Xing Min’s expression and wished she could go forward and stop Wang Qi’s mouth.

However, there were still important people present, so Xing Min did not dare to do much.

He gritted his teeth hard before squeezing out a smile at Wang Qi. “Miss Wang, I’m sorry. My subordinate was insensible and made you unhappy.”

Then, he said to the man in the black suit, “Mr. Jin, I’m sorry…”

Xing Min’s face was so dark that it was about to explode.

He had held the Xing family’s business for so many years and had never encountered such trouble!

If it weren’t for that detestable fellow…

Xing Min shot a glare at CEO Xing.

However, before Xing Min could change his mind and finish his sentence, he heard a cry.

Xing Min was shocked and looked at the surprised man in front of him. “Mr. Jin, you…”

The other party didn’t seem to notice Xing Min’s question at all. He quickly rushed to Lin Yun. “Miss Lin, I really didn’t expect to see you here!”

Lin Yun didn’t notice who the other party was at first. Only then did she shift her gaze to the other party. “Jin Yan? Why are you here?”

Seeing Jin Yan’s excited expression, Xing Min immediately frowned. Unexpectedly, Jin Yan was also a pervert. He forgot what he wanted to do when he saw a beautiful girl!

Although Xing Min felt a little disdainful, he still looked calm.

Jin Yan’s identity was extraordinary. Half of Linglong’s future depended on this man!

Xing Min coughed lightly and was about to ask when he saw that Jin Yan was smiling so widely that his face was covered in flowers.

“Miss Lin, it’s great that you’re here!” Jin Yan finally remembered his business.

“I came to Linglong today to discuss the acquisition. I wanted to invite you over, but I couldn’t get through to you after calling you a few times. Later on, your phone was turned off,” Jin Yan said as he glanced at Lin Yun’s bag.

“I had no choice but to come over and negotiate first. I thought I would ask you if there’s any progress.”

“Since you’re here, it saves a lot of trouble!”

Hearing Jin Yan’s words, Xing Min looked even more confused. The old man at the side also looked at Lin Yun, as if suspecting something.

Lin Yun ignored the others and said to Jin Yan, “Didn’t I tell you that you can decide for yourself?”