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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 524 - 524 Crisis

524 Crisis

“CEO Xing, explain!” The tall and strong man instructed CEO Xing coldly.

CEO Xing smiled awkwardly and helplessly. “Um, Dad, Xing Min, let me explain…”

“Dad?” Wang Qi and Lin Yun looked at the old man beside them.

The old man smiled at the two of them but did not say anything.

Mimi was clearly a little surprised by the old man’s identity, but she still grabbed CEO Xing’s arm and said, “What’s there to explain!”

“These two women ganged up to bully me! They even ruined the gift you prepared for me!”

“Not only did your old father not help, but he also watched me make a fool of myself!”

“In my opinion, if you’re old, you should obediently retire at home. Otherwise, find a place to wait…”

Before Mimi could finish, Xing Min’s face darkened.

CEO Xing immediately reacted and slapped Mimi’s face. “Shut up! Are you courting death!”

Mimi looked at CEO Xing in shock, unable to react for a long time.

She covered her swollen and hot cheek with one hand and burst into tears.

When CEO Xing heard the cry, he was even more frustrated and wanted to slap her again.

Seeing that Xing Min’s expression was even more sinister and terrifying, he immediately instructed the hotel manager, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and chase this crazy woman out!”

“Are you blind!” CEO Xing scolded loudly again. “Hurry up and get her out! You’re never allowed to come to Linglong again!”

Mimi’s eyes and mouth widened as she glared at CEO Xing. For some reason, the person who had just spoken gently to her suddenly changed.

“You, you actually treated me like this!” Mimi pointed at CEO Xing angrily, no longer caring about the demeanor of a young lady.

“You even told me that one day, when you inherit Linglong, you will definitely let me stay in the best room and enjoy the best…”

Before Mimi could finish her sentence, CEO Xing had already kicked her abdomen angrily. “Get lost!”

Before Mimi could react, she was kicked to the ground, along with the two staff members who were helping her out.

Mimi, who had fallen to the ground, looked at CEO Xing in disbelief. The grievance in her heart turned into a cry. “You, you actually hit me!”

“You scumbag! You lied to me! Don’t even think about making our Mi family pay a single cent for you! Don’t even think about Linglong’s investment!”

Mimi accused angrily, but CEO Xing’s expression became even uglier.

He wanted to shut her up, but Xing Min stopped him.

Xing Min looked down at CEO Xing, who was nearly a head shorter than him. “What happened?”

CEO Xing swallowed nervously and looked around, but he did not dare to look at Xing Min’s face.

The old man standing at the side naturally saw CEO Xing’s problem. He immediately coughed and said coldly, “Hurry up and tell me! What did you do again!”

CEO Xing immediately said with a bitter expression, “I’m doing this for Linglong’s own good!”

“During this period of time, several major shareholders of Linglong have had problems one after another. Our Xing family has been busy with Linglong. If something happens to Linglong at this time, wouldn’t we have suffered a huge loss!”

The old man frowned. He did not expect this brainless fellow to mention Ling Long’s management crisis on such an occasion.

The surrounding crowd was also surprised by what CEO Xing said. A few guests gathered together and whispered.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi looked at each other. They did not expect the famous Ling Long to be in trouble.

Xing Min’s expression darkened as he glared at CEO Xing. “Have you said enough? Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?”

CEO Xing looked at the old man with an aggrieved expression. “Dad, look, I’m doing this for Linglong. I…”