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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 53 - Within the Plan

Chapter 53: Within the Plan

Lin Cheng instructed someone to go to the piano room to retrieve the recording.

In the beginning, Lin Yun seemed to be very cold, but Lin Yu asked questions enthusiastically.

Wang Lan nodded in relief, thinking that her biological daughter was indeed smart.

After about ten minutes, Lin Yu became impatient.

When probed about her music foundation several times, Lin Yu appeared very frustrated.

And when Lin Yun asked about Lin Yu’s thoughts on the competition, Lin Yu simply replied, “I don’t even know these things! How can I compete!”

“If you can’t teach me well and I don’t do well in the competition, Dad and Mom will blame you!”

Lin Yun only sighed helplessly. “I’ll do what my parents tell me to do, but if you don’t learn it seriously, I can’t do anything about it.”

“I don’t know anything about music to begin with. How can I learn it now?!” Lin Yu suddenly stood up from the piano stool and even knocked over a flower stand beside her.

Lin Yun glanced at the flower stand and then looked up at Lin Yu.

Her tone was neutral and emotionless. “If you don’t want to learn, tell Mom and Dad yourself. Don’t get me into trouble.”

“You think I’m trouble?” Lin Yu’s tone instantly rose.

Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on her. She only asked, “Do you still want to continue learning? If not, go and talk to Dad and Mom now!”

Lin Yu gritted her teeth before sitting on the piano stool again.

She gritted her teeth fiercely and said, “I’ll learn!”

Lin Yun nodded and took out the zither score she had prepared earlier. “Here are some songs I’ve prepared for you. Choose one to participate in the preliminaries!”

Lin Yu looked at the score and felt disgusted.

She waved away the music scores in disdain. “Why don’t you introduce them to me?”

Since she couldn’t understand them anyway, she might as well let Lin Yun explain everything to her.

Lin Yun didn’t mind. She took out two of the scores and said, “At your level, ‘Spring’ and’Oath’ will be more suitable.”

As Lin Yun spoke, she picked up a few other music scores. “These songs will be more difficult. It will be harder for you to learn them.”

Lin Yun introduced confidently, but Lin Yu felt that she was looking down on her!

So what if she knew how to write and play those pieces!

Weren’t they still placed here for her to choose from?

The corners of Lin Yu’s lips curled up slightly. She immediately stopped Lin Yun and continued to introduce, “You just have to tell me which song I can win the championship with!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly and chuckled in her heart. The current Lin Yu was much more impatient than in her previous life.

She did not hide her ambition at all.

Lin Yun picked up the last score and showed it to Lin Yu. ” You should be able to win the championship with ‘Ask’.”

“Then I want this song!” Lin Yu said without hesitation.

As Lin Yun lowered her eyes slightly, it was not easy to see her expression.

Lin Yu smiled and thought to herself, “I knew she wouldn’t bear to!”

“But! I want to let her know who the most important person in the Lin family is!”

“Dad and Mom will definitely support me!”

“She can’t refuse!”

Lin Yun lowered her eyes, but the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

Lin Yu was indeed the same as in her previous life. Even her choices were the same.

She had chosen the most competitive song in the preliminaries and had definitely become a dark horse in the preliminaries.

In the following competition, if not for Lin Yun working day and night to create works that could surpass “Ask”, how could Lin Yu have won the championship in the end?

Perhaps, she wouldn’t even be able to pass the second round of the preliminaries!

Lin Yun didn’t intend to explain these things to Lin Yu. After all, this choice was made by her.

This time, Lin Yun would definitely not pay for her choice!

Lin Yu was waiting for Lin Yun to resist, but she actually raised her head and nodded at her. “Alright! Then we’ll learn this song!”

Lin Yu looked at Lin Yun in shock, not knowing how to react.

At this point in the video, Lin Cheng and Wang Lan did not feel that there was anything wrong with Lin Yun. They even felt that Lin Yun’s attitude was very serious.

On the other hand, Lin Yu looked a little unruly.

However, Lin Cheng and Wang Lan did not mind.

After all, as the daughter of the Lin family, Lin Yu had the capital!