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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 520 - 520 Dividing the Wang Family

520 Dividing the Wang Family

Mimi glanced at the manager and said in a disdainful tone, “Is your Linglong’s threshold so low now? Can anyone really enter and leave at will?”

“If my fresh flowers are dirtied and ruined by these eyesores, let’s see how CEO Xing settles scores with you!”

Mimi’s words immediately made the manager’s expression change.

He looked at Wang Qi and Lin Yun with a troubled expression.

CEO Xing was a major shareholder of Ling Long, so they did not dare to offend him.

This Miss Mi was CEO Xing’s guest and her gifts were prepared so extravagantly. Clearly, she was favored by CEO Xing!

And this Miss Wang was really…

Lin Yun looked at Mimi’s arrogant appearance and couldn’t help but be curious.

In the past, although Mimi didn’t have much intelligence, she would always cause a ruckus when she was around others.

Who exactly was this CEO Xing to give Mimi so much confidence?

Wang Qi sized Mimi up and then scolded softly, “Mimi, right! I thought you were just a small follower of Ni Tang and the others. I didn’t expect to have underestimated you!”

When Mimi heard Wang Qi evaluate her like this, her expression became even uglier. “What do you mean! Who’s a follower!”

Wang Qi still had a mocking smile on her face. “I remember that every year when your Mi family came to visit my grandfather with a pile of gifts, your attitude was extremely good!”

“Why? Do you think that no one is in charge now that our Wang family has lost our power?” Wang Qi raised her eyebrows. “Do you want to see if the current Wang family can swallow your Mi family?”

Mimi’s face darkened. She did not expect Wang Qi to say such a thing. “Stop pretending! The Wang family is not up to you!”

“My father has already told CEO Lin that a third of the Wang family assets will belong to my family in the future!”

Wang Qi and Lin Yun looked at each other and saw surprise in each other’s eyes.

They had long known that Lin Cheng had designs on the Wang family’s assets. After Old Master Wang was hospitalized, Wang Qi did something with Lin Han’s help and ruined a portion of Lin Cheng’s plan.

Because the Zheng family was in financial trouble and could not support Lin Cheng, they thought that Lin Cheng would not be able to find help for a while!

Unexpectedly, Lin Cheng actually found the inconspicuous Mi family!

A third?

Did that mean that there was a third family involved in dividing the Wang family?

And who was that?

Wang Qi and Lin Yun did not communicate much. Instead, she turned to Mimi again.

Wang Qi still sneered in disdain. “Do you want to divide our Wang family assets? Dream on!”

“Or do you want to rely on your CEO Xing to get everything?”

Hearing Wang Qi mention CEO Xing, Mimi puffed out her chest and became even more confident.

“Hmph! Let me tell you, CEO Xing will be here soon! I don’t want to talk nonsense with you here either!”

“I’ll get CEO Xing to chase you all out later!”

As Mimi spoke, she shouted at the manager standing at the side, “What are you waiting for? Are you really waiting for CEO Xing to come before you move?”

The manager immediately took a step forward and persuaded Mimi, “Miss Mi, this Miss Wang is also our guest. We really can’t send our guest out…”

“Don’t talk nonsense with me!” Mimi shouted at the manager without holding back.

“Is this how your Linglong entertains guests?”

“I think you don’t want to work here anymore!”

“Just wait! When CEO Xing comes later, I’ll get him to chase you out too!”

The more Mimi spoke, the redder her face became, and her chest heaved.

The manager still looked troubled, but he still did not dare to offend either side.