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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 515 - 515 Dealing with Them

515 Dealing with Them

“Since the matter has been resolved, we’ll leave first,” Lin Yun said as she stood up and walked out.

Tian Tian gave a look, and his assistant immediately stood in front of Lin Yun.

Wang Qi turned around and looked at Tian Tian. She asked coldly, “Young Master Tian, what are you doing?”

Tian Tian’s face was filled with smiles as he said to Lin Yun, “The staff below was insensible and did something wrong. I’m asking him to apologize to the two of you.”

As Tian Tian spoke, he snapped his fingers and the door opened again. The staff who had been clamoring to arrest Lin Yun and Wang Qi walked in with a tray.

As soon as he reached Wang Qi and Lin Yun, he knelt down.

This shocked Lin Yun and Wang Qi.

The two of them took half a step back.

Lin Yun immediately turned to ask Tian Tian, “Young Master Tian, what are you doing now?”

Tian Tian raised his hand slightly, and the staff immediately lowered his head. He prostrated toward Lin Yun and Wang Qi and apologized repeatedly. “Misses, I was blind! It’s my fault! Please forgive me!”

Lin Yun frowned as she looked at the figure that had begun to tremble. Her expression darkened.

She turned to face Tian Tian. “I didn’t expect the Tian family to manage employees like this.”

Tian Tian thought that Lin Yun was praising him. He smiled and said, “Although our Tian family’s way of managing servants is a little old, fortunately, it’s useful!”

“Look, how obedient!” Tian Tian swayed his crossed legs and pointed in the direction of the staff.

Wang Qi almost greeted Tian Tian with an ancient greeting, but she still tried her best to hold it in.

After taking a few deep breaths, Wang Qi walked up to the staff and pulled him up.

The staff clearly did not expect Wang Qi to do this. He screamed in fear and almost threw the tray in his hand.

Seeing this, Tian Tian immediately shouted in a low voice, “If you dare to break this treasure, your entire family won’t be enough to compensate!”

The staff froze and let out an aggrieved cry. His body trembled even more, but he did not dare to waver his hand holding the tray.

Looking at the stiff figure, Lin Yun’s expression turned ugly. “Young Master Tian, you don’t have to discipline your employees in front of us.”

“That’s right! Why? Are you scaring us?” Wang Qi immediately added, “With such an appearance, those who don’t know might think that your family is in the triad!”

Regarding Wang Qi’s words, Tian Tian had a proud expression. “This lady is right. The Tian family is influential in the capital!”

“Young Master Tian, what do you mean?” Wang Qi raised her chin and looked fearless. “Are you planning to deal with us on the spot?”

Seeing Wang Qi’s aggressive appearance, Tian Tian finally realized that the other party seemed to have some misunderstanding about his intentions.

“The two ladies might have misunderstood. I’m indeed sincerely inviting the two of you to admire our Tian family’s treasure.” Tian Tian opened his hands, wanting to show his generosity.

Wang Qi clearly already had some emotions in regard to Tian Tian. Her expression was even more disdainful. “Alright! We’ve finished appreciating the treasure! We can leave now!”

As Wang Qi spoke, she pulled Lin Yun with one hand and the staff with the other.

Wang Qi had just taken a step when Tian Tian’s assistant took a step forward and blocked Wang Qi.

“Go away!” Wang Qi growled at the assistant.

The assistant had no intention of making way. He even gave Wang Qi a look of warning.

Tian Tian did not stop his assistant. Instead, he smiled at Wang Qi. “Miss, don’t be in a hurry to leave! We can have a good chat!”