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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 512 - 512 Robbery?

512 Robbery?

Tian Yuan snatched the tray and handed it to Wang Qi. “Miss Wang, come, take what you like. I…”

When Wang Qi heard this, she immediately stopped.

A meaningful smile hung on her face. “Why? Are you going to buy it for me if I like it?”

“Ah? This…” Tian Yuan did not seem to expect Wang Qi to continue the conversation this way. She immediately did not know how to react.

Lin Yun stood at the side and looked at Wang Qi teasing her. She immediately felt a sense of déjà vu return.

She remembered that when she was young, Wang Qi had used many pranks to tease Zheng Yu, so until now, Zheng Yu still looked like she was facing a great enemy when she saw Wang Qi.

Tian Yuan’s momentary helplessness made the service staff immediately realize that it was impossible for this old client to pay a high fee for this treasure.

At the same time, Wang Qi clearly had no intention of buying the treasure.

He immediately retracted the tray and kept shouting, “Security! Call security over!”

The service staff’s actions immediately angered Wang Qi. “What do you mean by this!”

The service staff hugged the tray tightly in his arms and glared at Wang Qi as if she was a thief. “You’re in cahoots and want to take advantage of the chaos to snatch our treasure, right!”

Wang Qi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You took it out for us to look at it, but you didn’t let us play with it. That’s fine, but now you’re calling me a thief? Do you think I’m easy to bully!”

The service staff was still on guard as he watched a few security guards rush over.

Immediately after, a few security guards came to Wang Qi and Lin Yun’s side. “Please follow us to the security room.”

Wang Qi was furious and was naturally unwilling to cooperate with this ridiculous behavior.

Lin Yun sized up the security guards and said to Tian Yuan, “Is this the hospitality you mentioned?”

Tian Yuan did not expect things to develop to this extent. She immediately stood rooted to the ground in a daze, not knowing how to react.

Some shop assistants and customers around also looked in their direction. Many people pointed at Wang Qi and Lin Yun.

Obviously, these people had already treated Wang Qi and Lin Yun as thieves who coveted the shop’s treasure.

Some people even took out their phones and began to take photos of the two of them, spreading the first-hand information to various online platforms.

Lin Yun glanced at the people recording and couldn’t help but frown. In this era where the Internet was developed, everything would really quickly spread online.

However, she did not want to become famous because of these things. She had to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

“What happened?” A sloppy voice sounded from the direction of the shop’s entrance.

Lin Yun found this voice familiar.

She was thinking about who the owner of the voice was when she saw a group of people escorting a hooligan into the shop.

When Lin Yun saw that person’s face, she immediately frowned. “Why is it him?”

“You know him?” Wang Qi glanced at that person and frowned in disdain.

This person looked like an idle rich kid and was not in the same league as Lin Yun!

Lin Yun shook her head and lowered her voice to Wang Qi. “I saw him once with Lin Yu.”

Lin Yun was about to say something when she saw the group of people walking towards them.

Tian Tian shook his head and walked into the crowd. He immediately saw Lin Yun, who he had been thinking about for a few days.

That day when he was with Lin Yu, he felt that this girl whom Lin Yu addressed as her sister was quite to his liking.

However, he hadn’t taken Lin Yu down yet, so he didn’t want to switch to another target so quickly.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t snag Lin Yu. It gave him a chance to interact with this Miss Lin who looked more to his liking.

“Isn’t this Miss Lin!” Tian Tian walked up to Lin Yun.