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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 511 - 511 A Treasure That Couldn't Be Played With

511 A Treasure That Couldn’t Be Played With

“I heard from Miss Tian that the two of you are from Sea City. You probably haven’t seen our golden stone and jade artifacts from our capital!” The service staff said in an arrogant tone.

“The two of you came to the right place! I don’t dare to say anything else, but the things in our shop are not ordinary!”

“Especially the treasure I am showing the two of you today. Ordinary people can’t see it even if they want to!”

After the service staff finished speaking, he heard Tian Yuan chuckle at the side.

Wang Qi glanced at Tian Yuan and sneered. “Then we have to thank Miss Tian for broadening our horizons today!”

When Tian Yuan heard this, she immediately took a step forward and said to Wang Qi, “Miss Wang, what are you talking about! I’m just doing my part as a host!”

“It’s rare for me to see the treasures in this shop!”

Wang Qi’s lips twitched perfunctorily. The service staff had already pulled off the red cloth, revealing a pure white jade stone sculpture about the size of a palm.

Wang Qi had seen many jade sculptures, but this was the first time she had seen such crystal-clear jade.

Wang Qi couldn’t help but stare at the carving. She reached out to touch it to see if it was as cold as she had imagined.

However, before Wang Qi’s hand could touch that thing, the service staff blocked it with one hand. “Miss, this won’t do!”

Wang Qi raised her eyebrows slightly and looked puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

Although the waiter sounded apologetic, his expression was filled with disdain. “You can’t touch this!”

“Why? Is your item poisonous? I can’t touch it?” Wang Qi was not an obedient and easily fooled girl.

When the service staff heard Wang Qi’s words, his expression darkened. “Miss Wang, you’ve misunderstood. It’s just that our treasure is very precious and can’t be touched!”

“If you really like it, you might be able to buy this thing first…”

“However, this is the top treasure in our shop. As for the price…”

The service staff looked like he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Tian Yuan said excitedly, “Aiyo, you can’t afford this! I heard from others that this treasure costs 100 million at the auction!”

Wang Qi and Lin Yun naturally saw through the other party’s intentions, but they only sneered at the two of them. They were just putting on a show to ridicule them.

However, Tian Yuan’s little trick really did not take Wang Qi and Lin Yun seriously!

“Since you have taken it out, your customers should be able to play with it! Otherwise, why are you showing it off?” Wang Qi did not intend to let them continue with their pretentious performance.

“Since you’re so petty and refuse to let others play with it, you might as well not take it out for others to see!”

“Not everyone thinks that something you treat as a treasure is good!”

As Wang Qi spoke, she stood up and walked out.

Seeing this, the service staff immediately went forward to stop her. “Miss Wang, you…”

Before the service staff could finish, Tian Yuan immediately stopped him.

Initially, she only wanted Wang Qi to see her strength so that she would not embarrass her cousin because of what had happened previously.

Unexpectedly, Wang Qi seemed to be really angry.

Tian Yuan glanced at the service staff and said to Wang Qi, “Miss Wang, please don’t mind them. If you’re willing to play with this treasure, just play with it!”

“Well…” The service staff looked troubled.

This thing was originally placed in the shop by the boss. He said that it was a gift for an important guest.

The reason why he took it out was that Tian Yuan had spent a lot in the shop previously and he was doing her a favor.

If he really let others play with this thing without his boss’s permission and his boss found out, he would be dead!