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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 508 - 508 Going Through Fire

508 Going Through Fire

for a moment before saying, “I set off yesterday afternoon! Moreover, Zheng Yu has always been with you!”

“Don’t worry, we can all prove that you’ve always been with us!”

Hearing Zhu Huan’s words, Lin Yu’s expression softened. After all, Zhu Huan was a better witness than Zheng Yu. Although Zheng Yu had been following Lin Yu, there was still a difference between men and women. They stayed in separate accommodations the night before.

After the two of them returned to their rooms, Lin Yu took the opportunity to see Brother Qi. She did not want anyone to discover her relationship with Brother Qi at this critical moment!

“Hello? Dad, I’m still with Xiaoyu…” Zheng Yu, who had been standing outside the door, suddenly received a call from his father, Zheng Song.

“What? How could such a thing happen?” Zheng Yu’s expression was dark as if something serious had happened.

“Alright! I understand! I’ll go back as soon as possible!”

“Xiaoyu…” Zheng Yu glanced at the closed door of the treatment room.” It’s nothing. I’ll go back now! “