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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 507 - 507 Release of Transfer Record

507 Release of Transfer Record

“Mom, what exactly is going on?” Lin Yu leaned against the bed and asked anxiously.

“Why did it suddenly…” Lin Yu suddenly lowered her voice and looked around.” How did the news get leaked? ”

“It’s impossible for anyone to see this! I’ve already specially hired a network expert to handle it confidentially!” Wang Lan’s tone was filled with disbelief.

“No! Definitely not! But…” Wang Lan said firmly.

Suddenly, she paused. “Could it be that a hacker has hacked into the confidential file room?”

“But the network expert has already added layers!” Wang Lan found it even more unbelievable. “I heard that the network expert was originally a hacker. How could it be so easy…”

Wang Lan’s voice was filled with impatience and anger. “Sigh! I wonder which bastard did such a disgusting thing!”

“Could it be that the Internet expert is a traitor?” Lin Yu immediately guessed.

When Wang Lan heard this, she immediately shouted in a low voice, “This behavior is simply against professional ethics! I want to look for him!”

“Where can you find him? Such people come and go without a trace!” Lin Yu immediately felt a little dejected.

Then, she thought of something and asked, “Mom, where did you find this Internet expert?”

“Your uncle introduced the hacker! Who knew he was such a useless thing!” Wang Lan gritted her teeth.

Lin Yu gripped the thin blanket tightly with one hand. “Then what should we do now? The news has already begun to spread online!”

“Don’t worry! Mom will get someone to deal with it now. I won’t let this news continue to spread!” Wang Lan promised again.

“Look, the news doesn’t have a clear direction now. It’s just a vague transfer record. It’s nothing!” Wang Lan tried to comfort Lin Yu. “I’ll get someone to settle this matter!”

Lin Yu was far less optimistic than Wang Lan.

Now, there were already rumors online that there was a contestant who was not capable enough and had privately bought works with copyright that belonged to other parties.

Although the contestant was not specified, the most popular talent show competition now was the new Masked King.

Therefore, every contestant who advanced became the focus of suspicion. Lin Yu’s poor performance in the last round pushed her to the center of attention.

Although the transfer record was blurry, the time was very clear. The recipient was Chen Hang.

This coincided with the new Masked King competition.

There were probably not many people who could pay such a huge sum of money to Chen Hang at once.

Thinking about it, not many companies would be willing to pay a high price of 15 million to launch a new singer.

Then, there were only a handful of contestants with good family backgrounds!

Because of this, someone immediately pushed Lin Yu’s name to the trending searches.

However, the other hot topic, Chen Hang, seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

As soon as the rumors on the Internet were released, someone began to look for Chen Hang, wanting to obtain more information from him.

Unexpectedly, no one had seen Chen Hang since the competition ended!

Just as everyone was wondering what had happened to Chen Hang, someone suddenly exposed that Chen Hang had a car accident and was hospitalized.

The news that was originally blocked by the police was leaked all of a sudden. This directed the public opinion toward the other protagonist of the incident, who was the person who transferred the money…

And the person who was the most suspicious… was Lin Yu!

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and sat on the bed, waiting for news from Brother Qi and Wang Lan.

However, there was no news from either side for a long time, making her anxious.