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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 505 - 505 Lin Yu's Abnormality

505 Lin Yu’s Abnormality

At this moment, Tian Yuan stood beside Wang Qi like a child who had made a mistake and was waiting for her teacher to admonish her.

Lin Yu’s expression changed as she stared at Wang Qi; it was as if she was staring at a monster.

Wang Qi also noticed Lin Yu’s expression and smiled. “Cousin, don’t you know that this shop is mine?”

Hearing Wang Qi emphasize the word “cousin”, Lin Yu felt like she had been mocked.

She gritted her teeth and forced a smile. “How could I know about Grandpa’s gift to Cousin…”

“Ah! That’s right! You hadn’t returned to the Lin family at that time! It’s not surprising that you didn’t know!” Wang Qi looked like she only remembered that Lin Yu had just returned to the Lin family.

“Sigh, I’m really sorry! Look at me, I forgot about this again!” Wang Qi smiled apologetically at Lin Yu and said to Tian Yuan, “Now, do you have any questions?”

“No, no problem!” Tian Yuan stammered, wondering why she had chosen such a situation to have her foot in her mouth!

She was also from Sea City, so she naturally knew the Wang family’s status in Sea City. However, who would have thought that Lin Yu’s cousin was from the Wang family from Sea City!

Looking at the ordinary clothes of the two people in front of them, one would just assume that they were working-class folks!

Moreover, they had been in this shopping mall for so long and had not bought anything. She thought it was obvious that they did not have the money to spend!

Who knew that these two inconspicuous women were actually hard persimmons that she could not crush?

The more Tian Yuan thought about it, the more dejected she became.

She wanted to show off in front of Lin Yu and leave a good impression, but she didn’t expect to encounter such a troublesome thing!

Not only did she not gain brownie points from Lin Yu, but she also touched a scar that Lin Yu didn’t want to pay heed to!

Lin Yun, on the other hand, continued to eat her dessert as if it was none of her business.

Lin Yu’s gaze landed on Lin Yun, and hatred flashed across her eyes.

But soon, she adjusted her emotions.

She curled her lips at Wang Qi and looked aggrieved. “Cousin, you’re being too polite.”

“Since this is Cousin’s shop, we naturally have to have to try the items here.” After Lin Yu finished speaking, she actually turned around and walked to the seat behind Wang Qi before sitting down.

Not to mention Tian Yuan and Feng Si, even Wang Qi blinked and looked at Lin Yun in disbelief.

Zheng Yu stood at the side and wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.

When Zhu Huan walked into the dessert shop, she saw Lin Yu walking towards a seat and rushed over.

When she walked past Wang Qi and Lin Yun’s seats, Zhu Huan subconsciously glanced over and accidentally saw Lin Yun.

“Why are you here?” Zhu Huan blurted out without hesitation.

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly. She felt that Zhu Huan was simply role-modeling what it means to risk one’s life.

Lin Yu probably didn’t know who to vent her anger on, but Zhu Huan came knocking on her door!

As expected, Lin Yu stood up from her seat and reprimanded Zhu Huan sternly, “How can you speak to my cousin and sister this way!”

“I…” Zhu Huan was shocked and confused. She looked at Lin Yu in a daze, not knowing how to respond.

Tian Yuan glanced at Zhu Huan and was secretly glad that someone else had been scolded.

Lin Yu glared at Zhu Huan angrily. “Apologize to my cousin and sister!”

Zhu Huan really apologized to Wang Qi and Lin Yun obediently in a daze.

Wang Qi and Lin Yun looked at each other. The two of them felt that Lin Yu’s actions were a little strange.

Wang Qi raised her eyebrows and gave Lin Yun a quizzical look as if to question what Lin Yu’s intention was.

Lin Yun frowned and shook her head, indicating that she couldn’t guess the answer.

With Lin Yu’s usual prideful personality, she should be wishing she could leave quickly!