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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 504 - 504 Major Shareholder

504 Major Shareholder

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

After a while, the voice continued, “Where’s my cousin?”

“She’s fine! She’s staring at me sadly!” Wang Qi shrugged and continued.

The other party pondered for a while before saying, “It’s good that she’s fine.”

“I can get the staff to find you a better seat. Please…”

Before the other party could finish, Wang Qi interrupted, “Cousin, how should I address you?”

The other party seemed to hesitate, but in the end, he replied, “My name is Zhao Jie.”

“Zhao Jie?” Wang Qi raised her eyebrows and looked up at Lin Yun.

“Yes! Why don’t we do this? I’ll cover all your expenses in this shop. Is this okay?” Zhao Jie guessed that the other party wanted some benefits, so he said generously.

Wang Qi immediately found it funny. “Manager Zhao, are you sure you want to support your cousin without caring about the brand of the shop?”

“I don’t think this is a decision a good operator will make!”

“I think I have a certain management capability to be able to become a shareholder of this shop, right?” Zhao Jie was clearly angered by the other party’s question.

Wang Qi ignored the other party’s anger and only said, “After what you just said, I doubt it.”

Before Zhao Jie could respond, Wang Qi continued, “Also, aren’t you curious about who I am?”

Zhao Jie was clearly stunned for a moment before asking, “Do we… know each other?”

Tian Yuan was stunned and turned to look at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu also looked at Wang Qi in confusion, not knowing why Wang Qi seemed so familiar with Zhao Jie.

Wang Qi looked at Lin Yu and asked into the phone, “Manager Zhao, may I ask which company owns this dessert shop? Who is the major shareholder?”

Zhao Jie clearly did not expect the other party to ask such a question. He immediately became vigilant. “Who are you?”

Wang Qi smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous. I just want to answer your confused cousin’s question about the shares.”

Zhao Jie was still very vigilant and only asked, “May I ask who you are? Do we know each other?”

“We met once!” Wang Qi said softly. “Probably at Qiqi’s shareholders’ meeting?”

Tian Yuan did not expect that the person in front of her was also a shareholder of the dessert shop business. Her expression immediately turned ugly.

However, so what if this woman was Qiqi’s shareholder?

Zhao Jie was Qiqi’s third-largest shareholder and had absolute say in this shop!

Tian Yuan puffed out her chest slightly, not wanting her nervousness to be discovered by the woman in front of her.

“Let me introduce myself again. I’m Wang Qi, who is about to be chased out of this shop by your cousin!” Wang Qi said concisely into the phone.

Then, a series of clanging sounds came from the receiver, like the sound of a phone falling to the ground.

After a while, Zhao Jie’s voice sounded again. “Miss Wang?”

Wang Qi smiled. “So Manager Zhao still remembers me!”

“That’s good! Now, please answer my question!”

“Well, there’s no need…” Zhao Jie’s voice sounded a little distant, clearly giving up.

Lin Yu’s expression changed. This matter seemed to be different from what she had expected.

“It’s okay. My cousin happens to be here too. It’s good to have a formal introduction,” Wang Qi said as she looked at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu immediately felt a chill down her spine. Perhaps what she was thinking was really coming true.

Zhao Jie sighed softly and his voice came from the microphone. “Qiqi is the Wang Corporation’s business. Ever since Miss Wang Qi’s coming-of-age ceremony, 60% of Qiqi’s shares have been transferred to Miss Wang Qi’s name.”

Wang Qi smiled gently at the phone and said, “Thank you, Manager Zhao!”

“I’ll bring Qiqi’s pastries for you to try when I have the chance!”

After Wang Qi finished speaking, she ended the call before Zhao Jie could speak.

Tian Yuan stared at the phone on the table as if she was staring at a monster.

Wang Qi picked up a tissue and wiped her hands. She said to the shop assistant, “Please serve us a new dessert!”

Since the shop assistant clearly knew the other party’s identity, he immediately nodded and turned to prepare in the kitchen.

He had never thought that a major shareholder would “visit incognito”. Fortunately, he was diligent. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t know how he died!