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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 498 - 498 Can't You Speak Nicely?

498 Can’t You Speak Nicely?

Just as Lin Yun thought that there were only four of them, Zhu Huan ran over from behind them with bags and four drinks.

Zhu Huan was really by Lin Yu’s side all the time.

However, looking at how she panted, this follower did not have a good life.

Lin Yu didn’t notice Lin Yun at first. She crossed her arms and looked angry.

Zheng Yu followed behind her with a solemn expression, but his eyes were fixed on Lin Yu.

Tian Yuan and Feng Si mutter as they walked beside Lin Yu.

As they walked, Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu’s gloomy face and suddenly found it funny.

Lin Yu seemed to have a heavy heart and was indifferent to Tian Yuan and Feng Si’s fawning.

Zhu Huan caught up to them and was about to go forward to speak when she realized that the three people in front of her were standing close together and she did not have any place to lean over.

She was a little dejected. She turned to look at Zheng Yu and was about to speak when she saw Zheng Yu quicken his pace as if he had no intention of talking to her.

Zhu Huan sighed dejectedly. However, when she looked down and saw the drink in her hand, she immediately smiled.

She quickly ran to Lin Yu and raised the drink in her hand. “I’m back from buying drinks!”

Tian Yuan and Feng Si’s expressions were filled with disdain. Lin Yu took the drink from Zhu Huan.

However, Lin Yu didn’t even thank her. Instead, she frowned and asked, “Why isn’t the straw inserted properly!”

Zhu Huan immediately let out a low cry. She wanted to reach out to help Lin Yu insert the straw, but she realized that her hands were busy.

Tian Yuan immediately took the drink from Lin Yu’s hand, inserted the straw, and handed it back to Lin Yu.

“Oh my god! That woman is so clingy!” Wang Qi couldn’t help but cry out softly. Her impression of Tian Yuan was translated into a negative score.

Originally, Wang Qi didn’t have a good impression of this person when she was with Lin Yu. Now, she really couldn’t get out of Wang Qi’s bad books.

Lin Yun was not surprised. She had seen this scene countless times! And she used to be the one who was busy inserting a straw for Lin Yu!

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled bitterly, laughing at how silly she had once been! Now that she saw Zhu Huan like this, she really despised her!

Wang Qi saw that Lin Yun was smiling, but her expression was a little strange. “Are you alright?”

Lin Yun shook her head and was about to speak when she heard someone talking to them in the distance. “Cousin! Why are you here?”

Obviously, Lin Yu saw them.

The rare scene of ten thousand horses galloping flashed across Lin Yun and Wang Qi’s hearts at the same time, but they quickly calmed down.

Wang Qi didn’t intend to pay attention to Lin Yu. Instead, she held Lin Yun’s arm and prepared to walk in another direction.

Seeing this, Lin Yu frowned, but she didn’t flare up immediately. Instead, she quickly walked forward and grabbed Wang Qi’s arm. “Cousin, didn’t you hear me call you?”

Wang Qi looked down at Lin Yu’s hand and said coldly, “Let go!”

Lin Yu was shocked and looked at Wang Qi with an aggrieved expression. “Cousin, are you angry with me?”

Wang Qi turned around and faced Lin Yu. “Other than our so-called blood relationship, there’s no actual relationship between us.”

“If you see me on the road, you can treat me as a stranger!”

“Cousin, why did you…” Lin Yu choked up with grievance.

Zheng Yu also saw Lin Yun and wanted to talk to her, but he glanced at Lin Yu and sighed helplessly.

However, he had never had a good impression of Wang Qi. Seeing her treat Lin Yu like this, he could not stand it.

“Wang Qi, how can you treat Xiaoyu like this! She’s your biological cousin after all!” Zheng Yu looked like a righteous knight in armor.

Wang Qi looked at Zheng Yu in disdain. “Why? Are you here to protect her?”

“I heard that she has no intention of getting engaged to you!”

“Your deep love is in vain!”

Hearing Wang Qi’s sarcasm, Zheng Yu’s expression became even uglier. “Wang Qi, can’t you speak nicely?”

“I only talk to normal people nicely!” Wang Qi retorted bluntly.

Zheng Yu gritted his teeth. “You’re so eloquent. Be careful not to offend anyone you can’t afford to antagonize in the future!”

“Thank you for your reminder! Anyway, you’re not someone I can’t antagonize!” Wang Qi did not care about Zheng Yu’s threat at all.