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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 497 - 497 Chance Encounter

497 Chance Encounter

Lin Yun hugged Aunt Niu and sighed. “I still have to go out later. I’ll bring a friend back…”

“Second Brother and the others will be back tonight. Then we’ll just have Auntie Niu’s best beef pot.”

Auntie Niu stroked Lin Yun’s face lovingly. “This girl has good taste!”

Because the police had come, she had wasted a lot of time. Lin Yun only had time to take a shower and tidy herself up before rushing out.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi arranged to meet at the most prosperous commercial square in the capital. Not only was there the world’s second-largest shopping mall, but there were also the most unique hotels.

Wang Qi did not choose to stay in her own hotel. Instead, she stayed at Linglong Hotel which had only 30 rooms.

Although this hotel was small, the cost of accommodation was much higher than in ordinary five-star hotels.

It was said that guests could see the beautiful city scenery that could not be enjoyed anywhere else in the capital. Most importantly, the people staying in the hotel would obtain the VVIP privilege of the shopping mall next door.

It was not easy for one to stay at Ling Long Hotel. In addition to requiring an invitation from the hotel partner or special member, one had to be able to prove her wealth.

Of course, as the heir of Sea City’s royal family, Wang Qi’s wealth did not require much confirmation.

As for the invitation…

“I didn’t know that your brother actually had a membership in Ling Long Hotel!” Wang Qi pulled Lin Yun excitedly as they walked.

Lin Yun was also quite surprised to hear this news. However, thinking about Second Brother’s hidden identity, it seemed that it was not surprising that Big Brother had special abilities.

“Did your matter go smoothly?” Lin Yun asked curiously as Wang Qi pulled her all the way to the shopping mall.

“It went quite smoothly. At least it was easy for me to deal with my parents and aunt!” Wang Qi said casually, but then she smiled helplessly. “Uncle is an old fox. I’m afraid I still need to practice for a while before I can face him alone!”

Lin Yun nodded in understanding and gently patted Wang Qi’s hand. “Don’t worry, we’ll help you!”

Wang Qi seemed to relax a lot before saying again, “By the way, you didn’t see Lin Yu’s shocked expression yesterday. It was simply satisfying!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly and did not interrupt Wang Qi’s storytelling.

“Yesterday, she came over with Zheng Yu. That adulterous couple actually came to the capital for a private meeting!” At this point, Wang Qi was a little angry.

“Originally, I just wanted to dampen Lin Yu’s spirits and didn’t intend to make things too difficult for her.”

“But when I saw those two people appear at the same time, I immediately decided that these two people could not be forgiven!”

Lin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Didn’t you already know that Lin Yu and Zheng Yu were together?”

“Besides, Lin Yu seems to be thinking of a way to get rid of Zheng Yu recently.”

“Really?” Wang Qi was excited. “This is really satisfying news!”

“Although I don’t agree with you being with a despicable person like Zheng Yu, he actually dared to despise you and deliberately broke off the engagement. Such a person needs to be taught a lesson!”

“I didn’t expect Lin Yu to teach that guy a lesson before I could take action!”

Seeing that Wang Qi was abnormally excited, Lin Yun did not tell her the news that Lin Yu was anxious to shake off Zheng Yu because she had hooked up with the young master of the Tian family, Tian Tian.

No matter what, at least Zheng Yu was paying the price for his choice back then.

As for Lin Yu…

As Lin Yun was thinking, she saw a few familiar people walking over.

Lin Yun’s expression immediately darkened. She did not expect to meet her nemesis!

The capital was not small, to begin with, and this mall had at least seven floors. Why did they have to appear in the same place?

Wang Qi noticed the change in Lin Yun’s expression. She took a closer look and couldn’t help but shout, “She wanted to dump him, but she still brought him out to swindle others!”

At this moment, Lin Yu was walking with Zheng Yu and two people Wang Qi didn’t know.

Although Wang Qi didn’t know them, Lin Yun did.

They were Tian Yuan and Feng Si, who had just participated in the competition with them.

Lin Yun immediately found it funny. These two people were clearly currying favor with Lin Yu. Weren’t they afraid that Lin Yu’s plagiarism would implicate them?

Initially, judging from their reaction on the day of the competition, Lin Yun thought that the two of them would be separated from Lin Yu. She didn’t expect them to still surround Lin Yu in private.

However, this didn’t seem strange. After all, other than being the popular candidate for the championship, Lin Yu also had the status of the daughter of the Lin family.