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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 496 - 496 Strange Interrogation

496 Strange Interrogation

Everyone who was still in Man Garden received the police’s questioning in batches.

Of course, this interrogation would not have any practical effect.

However, the police’s actions attracted Lin Yun’s attention.

After the police asked Auntie Niu to retrieve the surveillance cameras in Man Garden, they took all the video materials away and did not leave any backup.

This did not conform to the basic process of the police extracting the case materials. It even made Lin Yun feel that they were deliberately removing some video records.

Fortunately, Lin Yun had already made preparations. She had already made a backup of these video materials through another channel.

After a round of investigation by the police, most of the staff and contestants left.

Before Jiang Juan left, she asked Lin Yun if she needed a ride back to the city. After all, Man Garden was still a distance away from the lively city.

Jiang Juan was not selfless. She was just thanking Lin Yun for selling a good song to her company.

Lin Yun naturally rejected Jiang Zheng Juan’s good intentions. Otherwise, if she was pulled into the city, she would have to think of a way to come back herself…

Jiang Juan didn’t insist and left in the car arranged by her company.

Lin Yun first confirmed that the staff had left before secretly changing her clothes and preparing to return to the back building.

She had just changed her clothes and walked out of the door when she saw Lu Chen waiting at the door with a smile.

Lin Yun was shocked and asked in surprise, “Why are you still here?”

“Do you want me to leave so badly?” Lu Chen looked sad, rendering Lin Yun speechless.

“No, I wanted to say that I thought you had already left when the police came just now, ” Lin Yun explained.

After all, with Lu Chen’s status, it was a little strange for him to appear in Man Garden at this time.

Lu Chen placed one hand on the handle of the wheelchair and held his chin. He blinked and said, “Do you think those police officers will come and interrogate me?”

Lu Chen’s words immediately made Lin Yun relax.

She was really confused! With Lu Chen’s status, wouldn’t it be easy for him to avoid the questions of those junior police officers?

It seemed like she was really worrying for nothing!

Lin Yun shrugged and said, “Then are you waiting for me here?”

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun. “You sounded tired yesterday, so I wanted to confirm that you were fine before leaving.”

Lin Yun nodded slightly before smiling. “It’s just that I’m not comfortable sleeping in the room here, so I feel a little tired.”

Lin Yun did not intend to tell Lu Chen that she had not slept well because she had “caused trouble” on the Internet for a few nights.

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun’s tired face and the dark circles under her eyes. Then, he shrugged and said, “I originally wanted to bring you to eat something good to reward you. Looks like I’ll do it another day!”

Lin Yun smiled sweetly. “It’s my turn to treat CEO Lu next time!”

“Oh? Why?” Lu Chen was a little curious and couldn’t help but lean forward.

Lin Yun smiled even more sweetly. “It’s to thank you for giving me such a good job!”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Lu Chen’s smile froze, as if he was disappointed.

Lin Yun immediately found it funny.

Lu Chen seemed to be showing his emotions more and more. She remembered that when she met him previously, she could not tell the change in his emotions…

Lu Chen did not notice Lin Yun’s thoughts. Although he was disappointed, he did not intend to let go of any opportunity to be together.

“Then I’ll remember your invitation! You can’t stand me up!” Lu Chen emphasized again.

Lin Yun reached out her hand and said to Lu Chen, “It’s a deal!”

Lu Chen glanced at Lin Yun’s hand before reaching out to shake it. “Alright! It’s a deal!”

After watching Lu Chen’s car leave, Lin Yun finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Qian and Ji Rou had to follow their next itinerary and would only be back at night so Lin Yun took this opportunity to relax.

Although Lin Yun didn’t explain her whereabouts and hidden identity to Auntie Niu these few days, someone as smart as Auntie Niu had already discovered her little secret the first time she sent things to Ming Yi for Lin Qian.

Therefore, Auntie Niu did not have the slightest doubt about Lin Yun’s “appearance out of thin air”. She only asked with a smile, “You must be tired these few days! Do you want to eat something to nourish yourself?”