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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 495 - 495 Chen Hang's Car Accident

495 Chen Hang’s Car Accident

Lin Yun woke up early in the morning and felt much more refreshed.

Life without scheming was so comfortable.

Last night, some contestants and staff left after the banquet ended.

Lin Yun contacted Auntie Niu and asked her to arrange her room and prepare a large table of sumptuous lunch. She had to enjoy it.

Over the past few days, she had been eating work meals with the production team until her eyes were about to emit green light.

Lin Yun took out her phone and realized that Wang Qi had sent her a message last night.

She read the message and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Why is Wang Qi so childish?”

Wang Qi briefly told Lin Yun about playing with Lin Yu yesterday and explained that the Wang family had completely taken back all of Cheng Hong’s personnel and financial management rights.

This way, a portion of the Lin family’s power in the capital would be reduced.

Clearly, Lin Yu didn’t know this news yet. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone to Cheng Hong to embarrass herself.

Lin Yun was about to reply to Wang Qi’s message when a call came in.

Lin Yun picked up the call with a smile. “You called so early. Did you not sleep well from the excitement yesterday?”

Wang Qi sounded excited and happy. “Of course! You didn’t even see Lin Yu’s face. It’s too funny!”

“By the way, are you free today? Let’s go shopping and let me tell you about yesterday!”

Lin Yun thought for a moment before saying, “I still have some matters to settle. See you in the afternoon!”

Wang Qi replied softly and hung up after agreeing on a place to meet Lin Yun.

Lin Yun called Auntie Niu and instructed her to temporarily close the Man Garden after everyone left and not let anyone enter or leave at will.

Auntie Niu had been annoyed by the commotion in the front building for the past few days. When she heard that these people were finally leaving, she was overjoyed.

“I’ll cook the most delicious beef pot for you tonight!” Aunt Niu said happily. “I’ll get your Uncle Niu to buy the ingredients now!”

“You, Xiao Qian, and Xiao Rou are all eating at home! And that Mr. Lu from last time, invite him to eat at home too!”

Hearing Auntie Niu mention Lu Chen, Lin Yun remembered that Lu Chen should still be in the Man Garden.

Yesterday, she was in a daze and seemed to have heard Lu Chen say something, but she could not remember.

After hanging up the call with Auntie Niu, Lin Yun found a black suit, put on a veil and hat, and prepared to go and talk to Lu Chen.

Just as she opened the door, Lin Yun was shocked by Jiang Juan. “What’s wrong? Why do you look so panicked?”

“Ming Yi, I heard that something happened to Chen Hang last night!” Jiang Juan couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Lin Yun blinked and asked Zheng Juan, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Zheng Juan swallowed again before continuing, “I heard that Chen Hang got into a car accident on his way back last night. He’s still in the hospital!”

“Where did you hear this news?” Lin Yun asked again, wanting to confirm if the source of the information was reliable.

“I just heard it from Sister Ding and the others outside the production team’s office!” Zheng Juan looked around and continued, “I heard that CEO Fu has already sent someone over!”

“Chen Hang’s car accident doesn’t seem to be an accident. The police have already intervened and said that they will come here to collect evidence from the production team soon!”

Under the veil, Lin Yun frowned even more. Why were these things happening one after another? Couldn’t they give her a chance to catch her breath?

Could Chen Hang’s accident have been planned? Who would know Chen Hang’s route home? And who arranged such a car accident?

Lin Yun subconsciously felt that this matter was related to Lin Yu, but there was no evidence yet.

But… with the police coming to obtain evidence, didn’t that mean that she couldn’t leave this place today?

Lin Yun frowned even more and began to curse the guy who caused this car accident.

Sure enough, not long after, two police cars stopped at the entrance of Man Garden.

Auntie Niu went out to receive the police, but she looked unwilling. “What production team is this? They only know how to cause trouble!”

They welcomed the police into the front building. The room that was previously used as the production team’s temporary office had become a temporary interrogation room for the police.