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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 494 - 494 Tian Tian Was Grounded

494 Tian Tian Was Grounded

Tian Feng resisted the urge to slap Tian Tian’s face and took out his phone. He walked to the side to confirm this matter with the general manager of the branch company.

“Calm those two people down first. I’ll get that damn kid to apologize to them tomorrow!” Tian Feng had no intention of saving his son’s dignity.

When Tian Tian heard Tian Feng’s words, he looked at Tian Jiao with an aggrieved expression.

Tian Jiao had always doted on her son excessively, but she had never spoiled her son when it came to matters of the company.

She did not know much about the company’s operations but she was well aware that a large part of the Tian family’s current achievements was due to her husband.

Therefore, as long as it concerned the company, she would listen to her husband unconditionally.

Tian Tian looked at Tian Jiao pitifully and then timidly at Tian Feng, who had already finished his call and walked over.

“You unfilial son! If you dare to deal with the matters of the branch company without my permission again and touch anyone else, I’ll beat you until you’re crippled! You won’t have the ability to go out and cause trouble again!” Tian Feng said fiercely and slapped Tian Tian’s head heavily.

Although Tian Tian felt wronged, he did not dare to go against his father and could only endure this humiliating slap.

Tian Feng sat down again and asked fiercely, “Speak! What else did you do!”

“Don’t make me say it, or I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Hearing Tian Feng’s threat, Tian Tian could only lower his head gloomily. “I just went out with Lin Yu to drink to celebrate the completion of her competition recording…”

“Did I not say that I don’t allow you to interact with that woman?” Tian Feng questioned again.

Tian Tian looked aggrieved. Then, he looked at Tian Jiao and said, “Mom often asked me to find a good girl to date.”

“Lin Yu has a good family background. Although her family is not in the same league as our Tian family, the Lin family is still a famous family in Sea City!”

“Besides, Lin Yu is also very hardworking. What competition did she participate in…”

“Sigh, it’s not important… She’s still a popular candidate for first place!”

Hearing Tian Tian’s words, even Tian Jiao felt that Lin Yu was a good candidate.

Tian Feng’s expression became even gloomier. “Didn’t I tell you that the Lin family doesn’t use proper means to achieve their ends? Our Tian family won’t associate with such a family, let alone let you be with their daughter!”

“Do you not understand human language!”

“Or do I have to beat you up to wake you up!”

Seeing that Tian Feng was about to raise his hand again, Tian Tian immediately shouted at Tian Jiao, “Mom! Help!”

Tian Tian’s shout was indeed effective. Tian Feng stopped moving, and Tian Jiao glared at her husband. “It’s fine as long as you speak properly! What’s the use of educating a child in this way?”

Tian Feng was furious, but he knew that it was useless to say anything to his wife.

How was this precious son of hers still a child? He was already 27 years old, but he still followed his mother around every day. How was this son like himself in his youth?

Thinking of this, Tian Feng sighed.

Seeing that Tian Feng seemed dissatisfied, Tian Jiao put on a straight face and said to Tian Tian, “You can’t like someone that your father despises!”

“You have to go against your father all day long. You’re really worrisome!”

Tian Tian curled his lips, clearly not taking Tian Jiao’s words to heart.

Tian Feng sighed helplessly and said, “Go! Lock him up for three more days! If anyone dares to open the door for him again… I…”

Halfway through his sentence, Tian Feng only sighed, stood up, and quickly walked toward his room.

Originally, he had already grounded this kid. Unexpectedly, as soon as his wife appeared, she immediately let him go.

Tian Feng felt helpless. He knew that no matter what order he gave, his wife’s words would override his instructions.

After Tian Feng left, Tian Tian heaved a sigh of relief. “He’s finally gone!”

Tian Jiao slapped her son’s shoulder. “You’re already so old. Can’t you stop making your father angry!”

Tian Tian blinked and immediately got up from the ground. He sat beside Tian Jiao and turned on his phone to show her a video.

“Mom, look, this is Lin Yu. Isn’t she especially beautiful!” Tian Tian’s face was filled with smiles as he stared at his mother’s expression.

Tian Jiao looked at the video and couldn’t help but grin. “This girl is indeed quite beautiful. No wonder you like her so much!”