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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 493 - 493 Exclusive Room

493 Exclusive Room

Lin Yu pinched her thigh to stop herself from cursing. Then, she forced a smile. “Okay!”

Zheng Yu glanced at Lin Yu with disdain in his eyes, but he quickly calmed down.

The two of them arrived at the largest hotel in the capital; this was one of the Wang family’s businesses, Cheng Hong Hotel.

Due to Lin Cheng’s scheming, most of the assets of Cheng Hong Hotel had already fallen under the Lin Corporation. However, the management of the hotel was still held by the Wang family.

Cheng Hong Hotel specially reserved exclusive rooms for the Wang family and the Lin family so that the two families could use them at any time.

Lin Yu arrived at Cheng Hong Hotel and planned to get a room to hide in as soon as possible.

Now that she and Zheng Yu had yet to confirm their relationship, she could not stay in the same hotel room as Zheng Yu!

Moreover, Zheng Yu had been staying in the capital for the past few days. It was impossible for him not to have booked a hotel room.

Lin Yu instructed the receptionist to make the arrangements for her as soon as possible, but she didn’t expect the receptionist to say with a troubled expression after checking the booking records, “I’m sorry, Miss Lin. The hotel rooms are already full.”

“Full?” Lin Yu was furious. “Why are they full?”

“Where’s the exclusive room that should be reserved? How do you do your work?” Lin Yu’s tone was filled with disgust. It could be seen that she was not in a good mood.

The receptionist did not dare to refute her and could only confirm on the system again.

After a while, she looked at Lin Yu with a troubled expression again. “I’m sorry, Miss Lin. The exclusive room has indeed been checked in…”

Lin Yu slapped the desk and her furious appearance frightened the receptionist so much that she took half a step back. While she still tried her best to maintain a smile, she was already shouting for help in her heart.

The Lin family and the Wang family rarely came to Cheng Hong Hotel. Why were there so many guests all of a sudden?

Although it was already late at night, Lin Yu’s actions still attracted many people’s attention.

Zheng Yu stood beside Lin Yu and whispered, “Let’s go first!”

Lin Yu also glanced around. Indeed, a few people were looking in their direction.

Lin Yu immediately covered her mouth and nose with her hand, wanting to hide her appearance.

She turned around and leaned against Zheng Yu as she walked out.

The service staff watched Lin Yu leave before picking up the phone and calling the general manager’s office. “General manager, Miss Lin Yu has already left with that gentleman.”

The general manager hung up the phone and reported to Wang Qi, who was sitting on the office chair, “Miss Wang, Miss Lin Yu has already left!”

Wang Qi nodded, satisfied with the hotel’s work. Then, she picked up her phone and planned to call Lin Yun.

She wanted to share this interesting matter with Lin Yun, but on second thought, she gave up.

“Forget it, it’s too late! Let’s talk tomorrow!”

As Wang Qi spoke, she stood up from her office chair, clapped her hands, and said to the hotel’s general manager, “You guys have worked hard! I’ll go back first!”

As Wang Qi spoke, she walked out of the office and walked towards her room.

The general manager glanced at Wang Qi’s departing figure and hurriedly closed the office door before finally heaving a sigh of relief.

“These young ladies from influential families are really difficult to serve. I don’t know why all of them are so good at scheming!” The general manager couldn’t help but complain secretly.

… .

Tian Tian followed Xu Jiang back to the Tian family’s house. The moment he entered, he saw his father, Tian Feng, and mother, Tian Jiao, sitting on the sofa and waiting for him quietly.

Tian Tian immediately knelt in front of his parents, looking like he had admitted his mistake and was eager to reform.

“I was wrong!” Before his parents could speak, Tian Tian had already admitted his mistake.

Tian Feng snorted and asked, “What did you do wrong?”

Tian Tian hesitated for a moment before looking up at Tian Jiao. “Mom, I really don’t know what I did wrong!”

Tian Jiao turned to look at her husband beside her and said, “How did you make your father angry? Tell me!”

Tian Tian thought for a moment and then knelt down skillfully. “I came back late from drinking with my friend today?”

“Or did Dad get unhappy when I fired two managers at the branch company?”

“What? What did you do at the branch company again?” Tian Feng immediately sat up from the sofa.

Tian Tian was shocked. He looked up at Tian Feng in front of him and couldn’t help but stutter. “Dad, you, you asked me to manage the branch company…”

“Isn’t it normal to fire two managers?”