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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 490 - 490 End of Production

490 End of Production

“Xiaoyu, what’s wrong? Don’t scare Mom! What exactly happened!” Wang Lan kept asking, her tone anxious and nervous.

Lin Yu sobbed for a while before asking, “Mom, didn’t you say that the music score has been settled? Why… why would it still…”

When Wang Lan heard Lin Yu mention the music score, she immediately said, “Of course, it’s settled! I specially hired someone to handle it!”

“But someone said that the copyright to this music score has been bought first!” Lin Yu gritted her teeth and said unwillingly.

“Impossible! I’ve already arranged it! The copyright belongs to…” Wang Lan paused.” Xiaoyu, wait a moment. Mom needs to answer a call. ”

Lin Yu hung up and sat in her chair in a daze.

She couldn’t just sit back and wait for death!

No matter who sold the copyright to that song, she had to make that person change his words!

She had confirmed again and again that Han Fang had already stolen the manuscript and demo. Even if Ming Yi wanted to sell it, she would definitely not be able to!

And among them, the only person who could have a problem was Chen Hang!

Thinking of this, Lin Yu already convicted Chen Hang in her heart.

Chen Hang was also puzzled, not understanding what had gone wrong. Back then, when he got the score from Han Fang, he only wanted to extort a sum of money from Lin Yu and didn’t intend to make her take the blame for plagiarism.

Han Fang clearly did not have time to play these tricks…

As Chen Hang thought about it, he suddenly realized, “Did Lin Yu think that I sold her in the middle!”

Thinking of this, Chen Hang immediately wanted to look for Lin Yu to explain the matter.

Lin Yu looked gentle, but after interacting with her during the sale of the music score, Chen Hang knew very well that this woman was definitely not what she looked like!

He had better explain the matter as soon as possible and get as far away from her as possible!

However, Chen Hang didn’t have the chance to find Lin Yu.

After the plagiarism incident, the production team arranged for Lin Yu to return to her room to rest.

Unexpectedly, not long after, Tian Tian drove his luxury car to pick Lin Yu up. Since the recording of the show was completed and Lin Yu wanted to leave, the production team naturally wouldn’t stop her.

As for dealing with the matter of plagiarism, it could only be decided after the matter was investigated.

When Chen Hang found out that Lin Yu had left, he wanted to find another time to explain this to Lin Yu after the competition ended.

The contestants successfully completed the competition, and the production team quickly calculated everyone’s score.

Because Ming Yi’s musical instrument was not sufficiently prepared, and Lin Yu’s song was suspected of plagiarism, Fang Tong, who had always been first, successfully advanced to the finals as first place.

After the competition, all the contestants attended the banquet according to the previous arrangements. A portion of them left first.

Lin Yun returned to her room and was about to rest. She would wait for the production team to leave tomorrow morning so that she could move back to her room in the back building.

It was not comfortable to stay in the front building for the past few days.

Especially since some prying eyes would appear from time to time, making her very uncomfortable.

As for the banquet, the production team naturally wouldn’t force her to participate. She returned to her room early and planned to rest.

After returning to her room, before she could take off her black outfit, Lin Yun received a call from Lu Chen.

Lin Yun leaned back in her chair and answered the call tiredly.

“Why? Are you tired?” Lu Chen’s voice sounded gentle, making Lin Yun feel much more relaxed.

“Yes…” Lin Yun closed her eyes and replied faintly.

Lu Chen chuckled and asked, “Why didn’t you use the guitar I gave you?”

Lin Yun did not seem surprised by Lu Chen’s question, but she only replied softly, “It’s too ostentatious.”

Lu Chen’s voice was still filled with smiles. “It seems like you like to keep a low profile. No wonder you hid your identity.”

“I didn’t hide my identity to keep a low profile.” Lin Yun’s eyes were still closed, but she felt a little dazed.

“Then what’s wrong with your guitar? Do you need me to help you investigate?” Lu Chen showed his sincerity again.

“There’s no need.” Lin Yun refused without thinking. “I want to handle this matter myself.”

“Alright! Then rest early,” Lu Chen said softly as if he could already see Lin Yun’s tired appearance.

“Alright, good night!” Lin Yun muttered. She was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes.