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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 488 - 488 Did Lin Yu Plagiarize?

488 Did Lin Yu Plagiarize?

“Lin Yu, it’s your turn!” The staff of the waiting area came over and called Lin Yu on stage.

Lin Yu swung her skirt and swaggered out of the lounge.

Jiang Juan looked at Lin Yu’s departing figure and couldn’t help but click her tongue. “Look at her peacock-like appearance. Those who don’t know better would think that she has already won the championship!”

Lin Yun didn’t agree and only asked softly, “Has it been done?”

“Don’t worry! You can definitely rest assured!” Jiang Juan raised her eyebrows and smiled confidently.

Lin Yu came to the stage and glanced at the crowd below the stage.

With a new song in hand, she wanted to show these people her true strength!

When the music sounded, Lin Yu immediately adjusted her posture and prepared to perform.

Lin Yu’s song was light-hearted. A few hopping notes connected to a happy scene.

Lin Yu’s voice was already a little tender and sweet. Coupled with the sweet story of her first love in the lyrics, the entire atmosphere became relaxed and sweet.

Many people at the scene swayed to Lin Yu’s song. Some people even clapped along with the rhythm.

Lin Qian listened to the tune and leaned back in his chair.

Ji Rou looked at Lin Yu on the stage and then down at the score in her hand. She couldn’t help but frown.

Jia Fang looked at Lin Yu in surprise. She didn’t expect her to show such a cute side.

Qi Hao looked at Lin Yu in a daze, as if he had fallen in love with her.

Speaking of which, Lin Yu could really be considered the goddess of first love in boys’ hearts.

Her sweet and charming appearance was key to that image.

Moreover, she had a gentle persona. She always gave people a very friendly vibe and obtained a large number of favorable impressions.

Qi Hao’s intoxicated appearance made Fu Heng, who was sitting in the guest area, reveal a disgusted expression.

Lin Yu sang very attentively. To others, it sounded like she had put in a lot of effort to complete the song.

When the song ended, everyone seemed to have fallen into the story of Lin Yu’s sweet love and couldn’t extricate themselves.

Finally, there was a round of long applause.

Such songs were more suitable for new singers’ competitions and could be welcomed by the mass market. This was the consensus of almost everyone present.

Moreover, Lin Yu had good chemistry with the audience and was loved by many people. Clinching the championship was almost guaranteed!

Just as everyone was looking forward to the judges’ comments so that the title of champion would land on Lin Yu’s head, a discordant voice suddenly sounded.

“Miss Lin Yu, where did you obtain this song?” A well-dressed woman at the guest table stared at Lin Yu with bright eyes.

Lin Yu was shocked by this sudden question, but she didn’t show it on her face.

She raised the microphone and replied to the person, “This song is a new song I composed myself!”

“Oh? Really?” The woman clearly didn’t believe her.

She stood up and took the microphone from the staff. She said to Lin Yu, “If I’m not wrong, the song Miss Lin Yu just sang is almost identical to the song Aggregation just bought!”

“May I ask if this song is plagiarized?” The woman’s tone was so serious that it almost suffocated everyone.

A large-scale interrogation was placed in front of Lin Yu. She gritted her teeth to prevent her nervousness from leaking out.

“Aggregation? I’ve never sold this song. I wonder how Aggregation got this song?” Lin Yu insisted that this song was her creation and refused to let go.

The woman clearly did not intend to let this matter go easily. “As the director of the Aggregation music creation department, I think I have the right to trace the origins of your song since we have the copyright to it.”

“I didn’t expect a plagiarized song to appear on such a stage! It’s really surprising and disappointing!”

The woman put down the microphone and turned to leave.

Ding Ning immediately stood up and ran after her. “Director Tao, wait a moment!”

If such an incident happened during the recording of the show, no matter who plagiarized, it would affect the broadcast of the show.

The production team forcefully suppressed the plagiarism incident last time. This time, they could not let this matter escalate and spread!