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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 486 - 486 First Encounter with "Silence"

486 First Encounter with “Silence”

Lin Yun pressed her left hand on the strings, but she did not use a plectrum with her right hand. She chose to fiddle with the strings using her fingers.

The first sound stirred up everyone’s emotions.

All eyes were on Lin Yun’s hand, waiting for her next move.

Lin Yun’s hand brushed across the strings again.

Immediately after, the strings seemed to make a weak sound.

It was not loud, but in the tense and quiet atmosphere, one could hear a different string sound.

Ji Rou looked at Lin Yun in surprise. She did not expect her to really be able to eject “Silence”.

Although the sound was not loud, it was surprising enough.

However, before Ji Rou could retract her surprised expression, Lin Yun plucked the strings again. The strings actually became crisp and clear.

Everyone present was stunned. They watched as Lin Yun’s hands quickly fiddled with the strings and actually played the prelude to a short piece of music.

Lin Yun’s music style was ethereal and striking.

She seemed to be able to discover every gap in a person’s heart, allowing her music to seep in bit by bit, and the person who heard the tune to follow her emotions.

Most of the instruments she chose were also accompanied by a single piano or guitar.

Unlike Tian Yuan and the others, she did not choose to sing and dance or could bring more stage effects through rich body language and facial mood changes.

After Ji Rou’s reminder, she realized that she lacked physical performance on stage.

Because of this, Lin Yun decided to perform on her own under limited conditions.

However, the appearance of “Silence” was a little strange.

Now was not the time to worry about where this guitar came from. Lin Yun was more interested in the challenge of playing this guitar well.

Lin Yun tried to play “Silence” and realized that although the strings were hard, they were not as difficult to pluck as the rumors had claimed.

However, if one wanted to forcefully play a piece, the strings would either break or the guitar would shatter.

Therefore, Lin Yun chose the most primitive way to play, which was with her fingers.

Because the strings were very hard, every note it emitted was especially crisp and clean.

This was even more compatible with Lin Yun’s clear voice.

Lin Yun slowly and gently plucked the strings. The sound of the strings was very soft as it slowly came from the center of the stage.

Lin Qian couldn’t help but clench his fists tightly.

The sound of “Silence” was too soft!

This could not be very effective in ordinary practice, let alone on such a stage!

Such a performance would definitely result in the deduction of points!

Lin Yun didn’t seem to feel Lin Qian’s nervousness. Instead, she lowered her head slightly. The sound of the guitar was gentle and her singing was low.

This was a confession that seemed to come from a very distant time and space. It carried faint sorrow and entered the ears of the listener.

Suddenly, Lin Yun’s hand plucked the strings forcefully, as if she had broken through the membrane between time and space, and opened all the shackles.

Lin Yun’s hand quickly plucked the strings. The sound of the guitar was loud and even louder than ordinary guitars!

Lin Qian looked at Lin Yun on the stage in a daze and even felt that her black clothes were shining!

Ji Rou also opened her mouth slightly and looked at Lin Yun in disbelief.

She had seen “Silence” before. She had personally touched the strings. It was so hard that it was difficult to pluck.

She did not expect that the gloomy-looking Ming Yi could really play such a smooth melody!

The song continued. Everyone present listened in a daze, their emotions changing as she sang.

It was as if she was narrating a person’s life. From the calm and blissful beginning, everything collapsed in a sudden explosion.

The subsequent melody was sometimes calm and slow, and sometimes fluctuating. It even made people fall into a chaotic and complicated mood.

Finally, the song ended. Everyone’s emotions were still unable to recover from Lin Yun’s song, but Lin Yun had already gently wiped the guitar and put it back into the guitar case.

It was obvious that she cherished that guitar.

Suddenly, Lin Qian waved at the staff at the side. “Please tend to her wound.”

While everyone was still shocked by Lin Yun’s performance, only Lin Qian noticed the wound on her hand.

This was probably the price of playing “Silence”!