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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 483 - 483 Competition Begins

483 Competition Begins

“What’s so great about it? Do you really think you’ve nailed the championship?” Tian Yuan couldn’t help but say bitterly.

Feng Si gently nudged her, indicating for her not to cause trouble at this juncture.

Tian Yuan glared at Feng Si. “What! Do you want to stand on the same side as her?”

“Alright! Go ahead!”

Feng Si couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She didn’t want these things to affect her emotions before the competition, so she didn’t say anything else.

Lin Yu couldn’t help but smile when she heard Tian Yuan’s angry words.

She couldn’t wait for the world to burn!

The more intense their anger, the higher her chance of winning this competition!

Lin Yu was looking forward to Tian Yuan’s outburst when the door of the lounge was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

“Why are you all arguing? Do you think I can’t hear you outside?” Ding Ning asked in an unfriendly tone.

“The competition is about to start, but you guys are still in the mood to bicker! You’re really confident!”

Ding Ning’s words immediately extinguished all of Tian Yuan’s anger.

She shrank her neck and did not dare to make a sound. She silently picked up the makeup brush and began to brush her face.

“Ming Yi, come out with me for a while. I have something to tell you.” Ding Ning called out to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun immediately stood up and followed Ding Ning out of the lounge.

Tian Yuan let out a soft shout and muttered something.

Lin Yu’s gaze shifted to Lin Yun’s guitar case again, thinking about something.

The competition officially began. All the contestants went on stage to show off their carefully prepared songs.

This was because the competition this time required the contestants to perform an original song that had never been published. This was not easy for some contestants.

For example, Feng Si did not have any experience with original compositions. The songs she composed were mainly simple melodies.

Although she did not showcase experienced work, the judges and guests still gave her an encouraging score.

Feng Si was satisfied with this outcome. After all, with her strength, she counted herself lucky to have reached this point.

However, Tian Yuan had completely different thoughts from her.

She had been discovered by her management company from her school’s singing competition and had participated in many competitions. She could be said to be more confident in her strength.

Moreover, as an artist supported by the company, the company was willing to spend money to build relationships and give her more titles.

However, she was unlucky. Every contestant on this show had a background and strength, so she had no room to shine!

The more Tian Yuan thought about it, the angrier she became. However, she still tried her best to perform the song she had painstakingly composed.

Jia Fang was still very satisfied with Tian Yuan’s performance, but in terms of strength, Tian Yuan was indeed a little inferior.

On the other hand, the big shots in the entertainment industry had mixed reviews of Tian Yuan’s performance. In the end, they only allowed Tian Yuan to barely enter the next round.

Jiang Juan’s performance was as stable as ever. She was a candidate that the judges and guests agreed could successfully enter the advancement round.

Chen Hang’s style of music had changed a little. He could not control the new song well, causing his results to be poor.

However, he did not seem to care about this outcome. Instead, he thanked the production team for giving him the chance to participate in the competition and thought that it could benefit him for the rest of his life.

Fang Tong kept to his usual cold style that was consistent with his performance in the previous matches.

Although Ji Rou and Lin Qian felt that he should try more styles, Fang Tong didn’t seem to really take it to heart.

However, with his strength, it seemed appropriate for him to become the current number one contestant.

Although more than half of the 19 contestants who participated in this competition had already performed. It was not Lin Yu and Lin Yun’s turn to appear.

Lin Yun returned to the lounge and glanced at the guitar case placed at the corner of the table. She glanced in Lin Yu’s direction.

Lin Yu seemed to feel Lin Yun’s gaze and turned to smile at her. “I hope you can have a good result too!”

These insincere words sounded like a joke to Lin Yun.

However, before she could respond, the staff came to inform her that she was going on stage.

Lin Yun picked up the guitar case and quickly followed the staff out of the lounge.

Lin Yu looked at Lin Yun’s figure through the makeup mirror, and the smile on her face deepened.