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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 479 - 479 Publicly Giving Special Treatment

479 Publicly Giving Special Treatment

Lin Yun pushed open the door and walked into the cubicle. Lin Qian finally sat up straight, looking expectant and excited.

Ji Rou looked sideways at Lin Qian, really not understanding why Lin Qian was so interested in Ming Yi.

Although Ming Yi was a rare talent, Lin Qian’s overt show of preference was a little strange.

Ji Rou couldn’t help but frown, but her attention shifted to Ming Yi again.

“Ming Yi, I look forward to a greater performance from you in tonight’s competition,” Jia Fang said sincerely.

This dark horse who came out of nowhere was really an absolute powerhouse in these selections.

But it was also because of this that she did not seem to have any more suggestions for Ming Yi and could only give her heartfelt blessings.

Qi Hao smiled and said, “I admire your personal style. I hope you can continue to progress!”

Lin Yun thanked the two of them one by one and turned to Ji Rou.

Ji Rou had already given Ming Yi pointers, so she did not intend to give too many hints.

After all, this competition still tested the individual strength of the contestants. If the judges gave too many hints, they might be suspected of cheating.

“Ming Yi, I hope you can perform better in tonight’s competition!” Ji Rou said gently without many personal emotions.

It was finally Lin Qian’s turn.

He straightened his body and stared at Lin Yun for a long time before asking, “Ming Yi, I’m looking forward to tonight’s competition!”

“Also, I want to give you a few small suggestions…”

Lin Qian carefully told Lin Yun his thoughts. Not only did his advice include the things to take note of when going up and down the stage, and how to show her unique personal style and charm, but it also included which direction she would face the camera from to bring about a better visual effect.

Lin Qian said a lot, but he didn’t mention Lin Yun’s personal music style.

Qi Hao couldn’t help but grin when he heard Lin Qian’s words.

After Lin Yun thanked the judges for their guidance and left the cubicle, Qi Hao couldn’t help but say, “Big star, your actions are too obvious!”

“Aren’t you afraid that the other contestants will complain about you?”

Lin Qian held his chin with one hand and pointed a mask in Qi Hao’s direction. “Why? Do you have a problem with that? No problem. The CEO specially allowed it!”

Hearing Lin Qian’s words, Qi Hao couldn’t help but be shocked.

Lin Qian would never call Fu Heng CEO. It was extremely rare for Lin Qian to call him CEO!

If there was someone Lin Qian would address as CEO…

“Do you mean CEO Lu?” Qi Hao blinked nervously.

“Shut your big mouth. Your new roasted porcelain teeth can’t stand the wind!” Lin Qian couldn’t help but tease.

“You don’t have to worry about this. Anyway, I have a strong backer!”

Qi Hao couldn’t help but pout, but Jia Fang and Ji Rou looked at each other and smiled.

Lin Yun walked out of the cubicle and took out her phone to take a look, but there was still no news from the boss of the guitar shop.

She had agreed with the boss on the time to deliver the guitar early in the morning, but because the handmade strings needed a professional musician to adjust them, the boss promised to deliver the guitar by noon.

Now, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. It was almost noon. If the guitar couldn’t be delivered, her plan wouldn’t be realized!

Lin Yun walked to the courtyard and stood by the garden in the front yard. Just as she was about to call the boss of the guitar shop, she heard footsteps behind her.

Lin Yun put away her phone and turned to look at the person.

Lin Yu smiled and walked towards Mingyi step by step. “Ming Yi, what are you doing here?”

Ming Yi stood quietly on the spot as if she didn’t care to respond to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu frowned imperceptibly, but the smile on her face deepened. “I keep feeling that you’re a little hostile to me.”

“Although we’re competitors in the competition, I hope we can be friends in private.”

Hearing Lin Yu’s lies, Lin felt nauseous.

However, Lin Yun still held it in. After all, now was not the time to reveal her identity.

Seeing that Ming Yi still didn’t react, Lin Yu took two steps forward again and the smile on her face deepened. “Why don’t we have a good chat? It can relieve the tension of tonight’s competition. What do you think?”

Lin Yu approached Mingyi step by step, not because she wanted to be friends with her, but because she was worried that Mingyi would ruin her plans if she stayed there.