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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 477 - 477 Arranged

477 Arranged

Lin Yun navigated around the management system and realized that the Zheng family’s funds were almost frozen. In other words, the Zheng family’s capital chain was broken.

However, the Lin family which was tied to the Zheng family was still active in the business world. This situation was a little strange!

After Lin Yun intercepted a few key pieces of information from the Zheng family’s system, she quickly retreated.

Recently, she had a feeling that someone was tracking her on the Internet. To be safe, she moved quickly to avoid being followed.

After obtaining the information, Lin Yun planned to hand it to Jin Yan to study since he was better at business investment.

After sending the message to Jin Yan, Lin Yun turned off the computer.

Now, she still had something to do…

Lin Yun searched for the name card that the boss of the guitar shop had given her but she couldn’t find it!

Lin Yun could only call Ji Rou.

At this moment, Ji Rou was working hard to modify her new song and preparing to gather with the team members after the recording of the show to prepare for the next stage.

Lin Yun called and waited for a while before Ji Rou picked up. “What’s wrong?”

Hearing Ji Rou’s anxious voice, Lin Yun asked curiously, “Are you busy?”

When Ji Rou heard Lin Yun’s voice, she paused for a moment before putting down the pen in her hand. “No, tell me!”

Lin Yun pondered for a moment before saying, “Do you still have the boss’s contact information at the piano shop we went to last time? I want…”

“You want that guitar?” Ji Rou guessed.

Lin Yun nodded. “Yes, I need it.”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Ji Rou chuckled for some reason.

Ji Rou immediately rummaged through the receiver.

After a while, Lin Yun heard Ji Rou cry out softly, “Found it!”

Lin Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Yun got the phone number, thanked Ji Rou, and hung up.

It was already very late. It seemed that she could only contact the boss tomorrow morning.

Lin Yun stood up and stretched. “What a busy day! I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow!”

… .

The next morning, the production team sent a notice to give every contestant a chance to meet the judges and mentors alone.

Lin Yun immediately felt a little helpless.

She had originally planned to go to the guitar shop to retrieve the guitar herself. Now, it seemed that she could only trouble the boss to send it over personally.

After agreeing on a time with the boss, Lin Yun arrived at the training room.

In the training room, every contestant was waiting expectantly.

Having a chance to be taught one on one must be extremely beneficial to their competition tonight!

Lin Qian, Qi Hao, Ji Rou, and Jia Fang were already waiting in a small cubicle beside the practice room.

Lin Yu, on the other hand, looked arrogant and stood out in the crowd.

Ever since the incident of her acknowledging her brother yesterday, everyone felt that Lin Yu’s actions were a little despicable.

Regardless of whether she had a special relationship with the judges or not, she clearly wanted the judges to go easy on her! Because of this, those who were originally envious of Lin Yu also despised her actions.

However, Lin Yu couldn’t be bothered with these people.

No matter what, she confirmed Lin Qian’s identity. Moreover, she had already called Pei Man last night! Lin Qian would definitely side with her today!

Lin Yu looked smug, but Lin Yun was still silent.

She didn’t want to attract too much attention. As long as she could defeat Lin Yu in the competition, all of this was enough!

However, after yesterday’s commotion, Jiang Juan snorted even more at Lin Yu’s attitude.

She walked to Lin Yun’s side and said in a low voice, “The company has already settled it. Don’t worry!”

Lin Yun nodded at Jiang Juan to express her gratitude. “Thank you!”

Jiang Juan smiled and said, “No company will reject a deal where neither side will suffer a loss, right?”

… .

Lin Yu walked into the cubicle and looked at Lin Qian before bowing and greeting them.

Lin Qian pretended not to see her and looked down at the information in his hand.

Jia Fang already had a good impression of Lin Yu, especially since she was Fu Tong’s disciple.