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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 475 - 475 Was Lin Yun Aggrieved?

475 Was Lin Yun Aggrieved?

When Ji Rou spoke about everyone’s stage presence, she suddenly turned to Lin Yun. “Ming Yi’s stage presence is very good and generous. She’s not as reserved as the others. She looks like she has more stage experience!”

“But you’re restricted by your makeup and clothes, so…” Ji Rou looked at Lin Yun deeply.” I hope you can use your body language well to strengthen the emotional charm of your voice. ”

Lin Yun nodded slightly and thanked Ji Rou for her guidance.

To Ming Yi, her dressing style was indeed a huge restriction on her.

In addition, although Lin Yun was good at music creation and singing, she was a little powerless at dancing and physical performance.

If she wanted to get a good ranking and defeat Lin Yu, it seemed like she still needed to work hard in this aspect!

Seeing that Lin Yun seemed to be in deep thought, Ji Rou did not disturb her anymore. Instead, she turned to the other contestants and gave them better advice.

The recording of the program group took about three to four hours to complete.

Everyone was so tired that they didn’t want to speak. They lowered their heads and returned to their rooms.

Lin Qian, Fu Heng, Ding Ning, Jia Lin, and the others returned to the office.

“What happened today?” Fu Heng asked Ding Ning as soon as he entered.

Jia Lin immediately said, “CEO Fu, I’m sorry. I didn’t handle today’s matter well!”

“I’ll strengthen the talent management!”

Hearing Jia Lin’s words, Fu Heng sighed heavily. “No matter what, such a situation can’t happen again!”

“I hope all of you know that Lin Qian is Tian Le’s signed artiste. No matter who wants to destroy the contract between Lin Qian and Tian Le, I won’t allow it!”

“What happened today was a little sudden. We didn’t expect Lin Yu to suddenly acknowledge her brother.” Ding Ning frowned tightly. “Fortunately, this didn’t happen during the live broadcast. Everything can be edited.”

“Remember, if news about any of these contestants and staff goes out, Tian Le will definitely hold them accountable!” Fu Heng emphasized again.

“I understand!” Ding Ning immediately replied.

But Jia Lin seemed to be thinking about something and did not respond immediately.

Fu Heng saw Jia Lin’s attitude and asked, “What’s wrong? What’s your problem?”

Jia Lin frowned and looked at Lin Qian. Then, he said to Fu Heng, “No! I’ll seal all the news!”

Only then did Fu Heng nod in satisfaction. He said to the two of them, “You guys go out first. I still have something to discuss with Lin Qian.”

Ding Ning and Jia Lin walked out one after another and closed the door tightly.

“What do you plan to do with Lin Yu?” Fu Heng lit a cigarette and took a light puff.

Lin Qian took off his mask and walked to the bar to pour a glass of whiskey. “That brat will ruin my plans!”

“Watch how I deal with her during the competition!” Lin Qian said angrily, but Fu Heng rolled his eyes. “Don’t cause trouble in the competition!”

“Let me tell you, Tian Le put a lot of effort into this competition. Don’t mess up the big matter because of your personal matters!”

Lin Qian shrugged and said, “I know, I know! I won’t ruin your plan!”

“But that girl has been smug for too long! I have to make her remember what this second brother looks like!” Lin Qian said as he swallowed the wine in his cup, his eyes filled with schemes.

Fu Heng looked at Lin Qian and couldn’t help but laugh. “Sometimes, I really feel that you’re like a child!”

“It’s hard to imagine that a steady and magnanimous person like Lin Yun is actually your sister!” Fu Heng couldn’t help but sigh.

“Let me tell you, my sister suffered today! You have to think of a way to make it up to my sister!” Lin Qian immediately displayed his brotherly demeanor and sought benefits for his sister.

“Aggrieved? What’s wrong?” Fu Heng immediately exclaimed.

Did Lin Yun suffered in her own territory?

How could this be?

If Third Brother found out, he would definitely skin him alive!

Lin Qian drank another glass of wine and shook it before saying, “I originally planned to pull Ji Rou to give my sister special treatment, but it was ruined by that brat Lin Yu!”

Hearing Lin Qian grit his teeth, Fu Heng felt at ease. “That’s it! It’s fine! I’ll arrange an opportunity for you!”