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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 474 - 474 Farce

474 Farce

Lin Yu was a popular candidate to win the championship. Although her subsequent performance was unsatisfactory, she still had the foundation from the early stages.

Moreover, she had Professor Fu Tong specially compose for her the last time, so she had an unshakable halo in everyone’s hearts.

Now, Lin Yu’s “recognition” scene made everyone present speculate about her background.

Even if Lin Qian didn’t acknowledge Lin Yu, most people’s guess was that Lin Qian couldn’t easily reveal this secret because he had a contract with the company.

And in their hearts, they were already certain that Lin Yu and Lin Qian were biological siblings!

During the recording of the show, every contestant would introduce the song they wanted to use in the next competition.

When it was Lin Yu’s turn to introduce her song, there were several people surrounding her. They stared at Lin Yu as if they were curious babies.

“Lin Yu, I heard that you specially composed the songs in this competition. Can you tell us what kind of song it is?” A staff member led the topic for Lin Yu.

A gentle smile appeared on Lin Yu’s face. “The song creation this time stemmed from my comprehension of the changes in my life in the past year.”

“I hope that through this song, everyone can hear my thoughts and I can express my gratitude to my family.”

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, the crowd couldn’t help but look at Lin Qian.

Lin Qian was sitting with a few contestants and accepting the interview arrangements of the production team.

“Lin Qian, who do you think is the most unique among our contestants this time?” The staff threw out a question.

Lin Qian glanced at the surrounding contestants and said to the camera, “I think everyone has seen it for themselves. Ming Yi’s musical attainment is the highest among the contestants! She’s also the contestant I admire the most!”

Lin Qian’s unconcealed love made the surrounding contestants a little jealous, but they had no choice but to accept reality.

After all, in terms of strength, none of them could compare to Ming Yi.

Instead of saying Lin Qian was really deliberately biased, it would be better to say that he was really judging a person based on personal strengths.

However, Lin Qian’s words undoubtedly made Lin Yu, who was still bent on acknowledging her brother, feel a little awkward.

“Then are there any other contestants who make you feel special?” The staff seemed to be trying to direct the topic to another person.

Lin Qian tilted his head slightly and held the microphone with both hands. He asked the staff, “Who do you want me to talk about?”

The staff was stunned and did not reply immediately.

Lin Qian chuckled and glanced at the people beside him. “If there are others that make me feel special, Jiang Juan should be one of them! And Fang Tong seems to be not bad!”

Fang Tong, one of the two names mentioned, happened to sit beside him.

Everyone looked at Fang Tong, only to see that Fang Tong’s face was still cold. He looked down as though everything around him had nothing to do with him.

The staff immediately reminded, “Fang Tong, do you have anything to say about Teacher Lin Qian’s approval?”

Fang Tong, who had been called out, slowly shifted his gaze to the camera. After a while, he said, “My music style is different from Teacher Lin Qian’s. I’m very grateful for his recognition of me.”

After Fang Tong finished speaking, there was a period of silence.

The atmosphere instantly became a little awkward.

The staff immediately opened his mouth to guide the topic again. “Fang Tong has always had such a cool style. I think it’s very compatible with his personal music style!”

“Jiang Juan, whom Teacher Lin Qian mentioned just now, is also being interviewed by our other group. Next, please guide these contestants before the competition!”

After saying that, the staff took a deep breath and finally settled the interview.

Because there was supposed to be a round of consultation before the competition, Lin Qian didn’t let the recording continue. Instead, he chose to guide the contestants privately.

On the other side, Jiang Juan, who had just arrived, was listening to Ji Rou’s analysis and explanation seriously.

Lin Yun stood beside Jiang Juan and listened to Ji Rou explain to them what to pay attention to on the stage.

Ji Rou’s stage experience was very rich. It was what Lin Yun, Jiang Juan, and the other contestants lacked.

They listened to Ji Rou’s explanation seriously, and the camera dutifully recorded their every learning process.