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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 469 - 469 Just Say It

469 Just Say It

Ding Ning sat on the sofa in the temporary office and looked at Fu Heng gloomily.

Fu Heng looked at Ding Ning with a smile. “My good Sister Ding, you’ve worked hard recently!”

Ding Ning snorted and said, “CEO Fu, do you think I’m not good at my job and specially arranged for an assistant director to supervise my work?”

“Hey! Don’t! Sister Ding, don’t think this way!” Fu Heng immediately raised his hands to express his paleness.

“This Jia Lin has nothing to do with our Tian Le!”

“Then why did he butt in out of nowhere!” Ding Ning’s face was still filled with hatred. She hated such people who came out of nowhere the most!

Fu Heng sighed helplessly. “Speaking of which, Jia Lin is quite famous in the industry. This person is quite capable!”

“Although compared to our company…” As Fu Heng spoke, his gaze tactfully swept across Ding Ning and he continued,” Especially when compared to an experienced talent like Sister Ding! ”

“But he’s still a talent we can work with!”

“As for why he entered the production team…” Fu Heng looked out the window with a meaningful expression.” This matter was specially arranged by our CEO Lu. As for the reason, I’m not too sure. ”

“CEO Lu?” Ding Ning couldn’t help but sit up straight when she heard Fu Heng mention Lu Chen.

Fu Heng could tell that Ding Ning was afraid of Lu Chen. Then, he chuckled and walked to the window before saying, “That’s right! CEO Lu specially chose this candidate. I don’t know the reason!”

Half of Fu Heng’s words were vague.

Although Lu Chen didn’t tell him why Jia Lin suddenly joined, he had chatted with Lin Qian many times in private.

The two of them gathered together and analyzed for a long time. In the end, they decided that it was most likely because Jia Lin was forcefully added in by Lin Cheng.

Lin Cheng had taken pains to squeeze Jia Lin into the competition.

Not only did he invite a few big shots in the industry to promote Jia Lin’s personal ability in the corporation, but he even used some connections to blow a lot of wind into Old Master Lu’s ears.

Old Master Lu had already personally spoken to Lu Chen about this. It would be “unfilial” of Lu Chen not to consider it. However, with Fu Heng’s understanding of Lu Chen, he had done many “unfilial” things!

From the looks of it, Lu Chen had other plans for keeping Jia Lin! However, he didn’t know if this had anything to do with “Ming Yi”!

Ding Ning looked at Fu Heng’s back for a while before gritting her teeth and saying, “As long as he doesn’t ruin the production team’s plan, I can tolerate him!”

Seeing that Ding Ning had compromised, Fu Heng smiled and walked to Ding Ning’s side. “Don’t worry! Since we’re the organizers, we will definitely ensure that this show is fair and just!”

“If anyone dares to play tricks in the production team, we must expose him and make him unable to survive in this industry!”

Ding Ning glanced at Fu Heng again and nodded reluctantly.

Ding Ning opened the door of the temporary office and walked out. Coincidentally, Jia Lin pushed the door open and entered.

The two of them walked past each other.

Ding Ning looked disgusted and had no intention of hiding it.

Jia Lin smiled, not minding Ding Ning’s disdainful attitude.

After closing the door, Jia Lin looked at Fu Heng’s back and said, “CEO Fu, are you looking for me?”

Fu Heng turned around and saw Jia Lin standing in front of him in casual clothes and black-framed glasses.

Fu Heng had seen some information about Jia Lin previously. As they had never worked together, he had never seen him in person.

He only knew that Jia Lin was about thirty-five or thirty-six years old. He had lived overseas for more than ten years and had just returned to the country for less than two years.

He heard that he did not care about trifles. Although he had been an academy professor overseas for a few years, he was often mistaken for an unemployed person.

Previously, Fu Heng always thought that Jia Lin would look sloppy with a beard.

Unexpectedly, now that he had seen him in person, Jia Lin looked much younger than he was.

Seeing that Fu Heng was looking at him strangely, Jia Lin coughed lightly and asked again, “CEO Fu, why are you looking for me?”

“Oh! Director Jia, come, please sit!” Fu Heng came back to his senses and invited Jia Lin to sit down.

“I called you here today mainly to talk to you about the show…”

Jia Lin sat down with Fu Heng’s instructions, but he still looked at Fu Heng suspiciously. “CEO Fu, why don’t you just say it!”