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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 465 - 465 Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

465 Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

“The production team has already carried out a specific investigation on Ming Yi and Han Fang. I hope everyone will not discuss this matter anymore.” Ding Ning stood on the stage and faced all the contestants with a serious expression.

“We don’t want yesterday’s riot to happen again!” Ding Ning emphasized again.

“In addition, after a day of rest yesterday, I believe everyone has already adjusted their mentality. From tonight onwards, we will begin recording the program officially.”

“I hope everyone can be unaffected and perform well!”

After Ding Ning finished giving her instructions, her expression changed. “Let me remind you that this is the place where you participate in the competition. It’s not a place for you to scheme!”

After Ding Ning finished speaking, she glanced at all the contestants in front of her.

Although most of the contestants did not do anything shameful, they were afraid of Ding Ning’s deterrence and did not dare to speak.

Lin Yu put on the appearance of being above board, clearly not feeling that Ding Ning was talking to her.

Lin Yun sat in the corner, dressed in black from head to toe. No one could see her expression.

“What do you think Sister Ding meant just now?” The contestants gathered together and began to discuss.

“It’s all because of those people who specially schemed to drive their opponents away!” Tian Yuan had a mocking smile on her face as she glanced in Lin Yu’s direction.

Lin Yu pretended not to notice it and stood up to walk toward the training room.

Tian Yuan watched as Lin Yu walked past her. Seeing that the other party was ignoring her, she gritted her teeth hatefully. “What’s so great about her! She relied on men to get to where she is today!”

“Sigh! Don’t say that. Lin Yu shocked everyone in the preliminary round with an awesome performance!” Feng Si tugged at Tian Yuan’s sleeve, not wanting her to offend anyone at this time.

The two of them had known each other since the preliminary round. Although they were competitors, they got along well.

Tian Yuan snorted and said, “Awesome? Didn’t you see her subsequent performance?”

“I think that she probably did something sneaky when she participated in the competition!”

Hearing Tian Yuan’s words, everyone present fell into deep thought.

Indeed, Lin Yu’s performance in the subsequent competitions was really far from her initial performance, so it was inevitable that she would be criticized.

Lin Yun stood up and walked past everyone, not wanting to participate in their discussion.

When Tian Yuan saw Ming Yi walk over, she revealed a mocking smile. “I think some people are the same. They wouldn’t mock the other since it would be the pot calling the kettle black!”

“So what if Lin Qian cleared her name? Who knows what the truth is?”

“Or perhaps Lin Qian had no choice but to step in because of the production team exerted pressure on him?”

Tian Yuan spoke logically, and the surrounding people could not help but suspect that there was another conspiracy.

Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with their baseless guesses.

The most important thing now was to practice her song for the competition.

Previously, when Han Fang entered Lin Yun’s room, the songbook that Lin Yun had placed in the cabinet had not been touched. However, it was hard to guarantee that Han Fang had not peeked.

To be safe, Lin Yun chose to compose a new song.

Lin Yun walked to the aisle on the second floor and heard someone call her name from behind.

She turned around and saw a male contestant called Chen Hang calling out to her.

Lin Yun stopped in her tracks and waited for Chen Hang to jog over.

Lin Yun remembered Chen Hang. His style was rock and roll, and he rarely interacted with others.

“Ming Yi, I have something to tell you.” Chen Hang’s voice was completely different from his singing voice. It sounded a little childish.

Ming Yi nodded slightly. “Go ahead.”

Chen Hang looked around before saying again, “I saw Han Fang enter your room that day. She seemed to have taken something.”

“I’m not too sure what she took, but judging by how careful she was, it must have been something important.”

“Did you lose anything?”

As Chen Hang looked at Ming Yi seriously, his eyes were filled with sincerity.

Ming Yi did not respond immediately. She only raised her head slightly and looked at Chen Hang.

Chen Hang felt a little creeped out by Ming Yi’s gaze. His eyes flickered slightly. After a while, he asked, “You, why are you looking at me like that?”