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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 461 - 461 Ditching the Zheng Family

461 Ditching the Zheng Family

Lin Cheng coughed desperately and finally recovered after a while.

He stubbed out the remaining half of his cigarette in the ashtray before leaning back in his chair again. “The Tian family is now in the jade business and is the largest jade merchant in the country!”

“If their family hadn’t discovered a jade mine when they dug up someone’s ancestral grave, how could they have developed to this extent!” Wang Lan’s face was still filled with disdain.

Lin Cheng knew that he couldn’t talk about these things with this rich lady who only knew how to spend money, so he gave up struggling.

He took a deep breath and said, “In short, Xiaoyu shouldn’t have provoked the Tian family!”

“The Tian family now has assets both domestically and abroad. They are out of our league!”

“Besides, Tian Tian is simply an ignorant and incompetent second-generation heir. Other than playing with women, he doesn’t know anything else!”

“What good results can Xiaoyu get from hanging out with him!”

Hearing Lin Cheng’s words, Wang Lan frowned slightly and thought for a while before saying, “According to you, isn’t the Tian family a top wealthy family now? If that’s the case, it might be a good home for Xiaoyu!”

“Wait, I think there’s something behind your words…” Wang Lan looked at Lin Cheng suspiciously.” Are you worried that the Zheng family will find out about Xiaoyu and affect your cooperation with the Zheng family? ”

“How can there be any cooperation!” Lin Cheng spat heavily. “The Zheng family is already at a dead end. Even if we sell their assets, it will be difficult for us to fork out the funds for cooperation.”

“If it weren’t for the fact that we’re still engaged to the Zheng family, I wouldn’t have wanted to bring this burden along!”

“Then… why don’t we take the opportunity to shake off the Zheng family?” Wang Lan blinked slyly. One could tell that she was shrewd.

“Shake them off? It’s not that easy!” Lin Cheng sighed again.

If he could shake off the Zheng family, how could he not be willing!

However, the Lin family could not kick the Zheng family when they were down. Otherwise, not only would they be criticized by the world, but they would also be looked down upon by the business world. When that happened, where would the Lin family find business partners in the future?

Wang Lan walked to Lin Cheng’s side and gently stroked his shoulder. Then, she chuckled and said, “It’s not our fault that the Zheng family lost. We can’t be dragged down by the Zheng family!”

Wang Lan said it matter-of-factly, but Lin Cheng was unconvinced. “It’s easy for you to say. What about the engagement? Xiaoyu still has to fulfill the engagement with the Zheng family. We’re still in-laws with the Zheng family!”

“Aiya! Are you stupid? Have you forgotten that Zheng Yu is very concerned about Lin Yun now!” Wang Lan said with a scheming expression.

“Lin Yun?” Lin Cheng couldn’t help but frown. “But ever since the last time…”

Wang Lan patted Lin Cheng’s chest gently with her fair hands. “Don’t worry! Although Lin Yun looks very smart now, she has been soft-hearted since she was young. As long as you say something good to her, she will naturally listen!”

“Besides, she has a good relationship with Wang Qi. As long as I repeat it a few more times with Old Master, Old Master will definitely agree to let Lin Yun and Zheng Yu get together!”

“After all, Old Master has been looking forward to their marriage since they were young!”

When Lin Cheng heard Wang Lan’s words, it seemed to be the best solution to the problem although it was a little whimsical.

While he was hesitating, Wang Lan continued, “Although the Zheng family has declined, it’s definitely many times better than Lin Yun’s current family!”

“Even if her biological parents are stubborn, they can’t really be in the way of their daughter’s marriage!”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Lin Cheng nodded and said, “Alright! Then it’s decided for the time being!”

“If Xiao Yun can get together with Zheng Yu, it can be considered the result of our nurture for so many years.”

“As for Xiaoyu, if she’s really willing to walk with that Young Master Tian, then let her be!”

Hearing Lin Cheng’s words, Wang Lan’s face was filled with smiles.

The Zheng family was only left with a few buildings. How could they compare to the Tian family?

Although the Tian family did not have a good start, they were an elite family now and were powerful. If Xiaoyu really married into the family, she would definitely not suffer any grievances!

Wang Lan’s plans crackled, but she did not consider what the eldest young master of the Tian family was planning!