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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 458 - 458 Public Opinion

458 Public Opinion

Although Han Fang was expelled because she barged into someone else’s room, the gossip of Ming Yi secretly customizing the same mask as Lin Qian became a hot topic.

Not only that, someone had secretly spread the news and even caused quite a stir on the Internet.

In less than half a day, the staff realized that the public opinion online had already begun to criticize Ming Yi.

“This Ming Yi is too much. She hasn’t even debuted and she already wants to bask in her idol’s glory!”

“That’s Lin Qian! She doesn’t even know who she is! That mask is embarrassing on her face!”

“So what if she’s strong? How can a person with a bad character debut as a celebrity and an idol!”

“Get her to leave this show! She’s simply polluting this show!”

“How did the production team choose the contestants? Anyone can really participate in the competition!”

“I heard that she didn’t even participate in the first round and took the special privilege to participate in the competition!”

“There must be something fishy going on!”

“We don’t accept capitalists! Tell her to get lost!”

“Yes! It’s useless no matter who her backer is! We don’t welcome such a person!”

The production team was in a dilemma.

Ming Yi’s strength was obvious, but this matter was indeed a little strange.

Was this mask really made by Ming Yi?

What was her purpose in doing this?

“CEO Lu, the discussions online are getting more and more intense. Should we…” Ning Kun stood beside Lu Chen and asked in a low voice.

Lu Chen placed the tablet in his hand on the table and picked up his coffee cup. “Ignore it for now.”

“Can we let it continue to ferment like this? Will Miss Lin Yun’s reputation be harmed?” Ning Kun asked worriedly.

“If we suppress the news now, it will only cause a greater backlash,” Lu Chen said casually as if he was not worried that this matter would worsen.

“Then Miss Lin…” Ning Kun paused, not daring to ask too much.

Lu Chen’s lips curled up slightly, looking confident. “Don’t underestimate her! She’s not such a simple woman.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Ning Kun felt that Miss Lin seemed to have some hidden skill that he did not know!

However, before he could see Lin Yun make a move, he realized that Lin Qian, who had never spoken up personally online, had weighed in on the issue.

Lin Qian used his private account to post a pinned message: The mask is a gift that I personally customized for Ming Yi! Please don’t speculate casually, lest it causes harm to the contestants! Please focus on people who don’t respect other people’s privacy! Denounce them for trespassing into other people’s rooms and spreading wrong information to harm other people’s reputations!

Lin Qian’s simple statement changed public opinion on the Internet.

“That contestant actually entered someone’s room to rummage their personal belongings. This is too much!”

“That’s right! It’s a gift from Lin Qian to Ming Yi!”

“What’s their relationship?”

“Lin Qian stood up for Ming Yi at this time. Could it be that the two of them… want to announce it?”

“Wow! Has my brother been taken?”

“It’s not fair! Why Ming Yi!”

Lin Qian’s fans shouted at the top of their lungs, afraid that their “husband” would be snatched away by a woman who suddenly came out of nowhere.

Some “rational fans” also began to analyze if the two of them were compatible.

“But I think Ming Yi is really qualified to stand beside Lin Qian!”

“That’s right! Lin Qian even took the initiative to give her a mask. It’s the same kind. Can’t it prove anything?”

“I think these two people are compatible! Otherwise, which capable young lady in the entertainment industry is compatible with our brother!”

There were also conspiracy theorists who began to spin new stories.

“I think this is just a gimmick by the company. They want the judges to have an ambiguous relationship with the contestants. That way, they can get more attention.”

“To think Lin Qian needs to cooperate with such an operation. How pitiful!”

“One really has no choice in the entertainment industry!”

“Then perhaps Lin Qian and Ming Yi aren’t real? It’s just that the company wants to promote Ming Yi?”

“Who exactly is this Ming Yi? She actually wants to use Lin Qian to make her famous?”

Ning Kun handed the tablet to Lu Chen again.

“CEO Lu… What should we do in this situation?” Ning Kun looked at Lu Chen nervously, not knowing what to say.