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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 456 - 456 Crazy Fan?

456 Crazy Fan?

As Han Fang pulled Lin Yun back, her eyes were still fixed on her. “Tell me! Are you plotting against Lin Qian?”

“What other disgusting things did you do?”

The more Han Fang spoke, the more agitated she became. She grabbed Lin Yun’s arm even harder.

Lin Yun felt a burst of pain and shook off Han Fang’s hand. “What does it have to do with you? Why are you crazy!”

Han Fang then took out a box from behind her and threw it to the ground.

When Lin Yun saw the box, she was furious. “Why did you enter my room?”

“You hid such a thing in your room. What’s wrong with me entering your room!” Han Fang did not feel that there was anything wrong with her actions and asked even louder.

The sound in the training room was very loud, immediately attracting the other contestants and staff to the training room.

Those people surrounded the two of them, not knowing what had happened.

Tian Yuan looked at the box on the ground and couldn’t help but be curious. “What’s inside? Why is Han Fang so angry?”

“I don’t know! But Han Fang seems to have secretly entered Ming Yi’s room!” Feng Si also whispered.

Seeing that there were more and more people around, Han Fang asked in a questioning tone, “If you don’t want to do anything to Lin Qian, why did you make such a thing!”

As Han Fang spoke, she kicked open the lid of the box.

Inside the box was a black mask with exquisite decorations.

However, the overall shape of the mask looked familiar…

“Sigh, that is very similar to Lin Qian’s mask!” Tian Yuan suddenly let out a low cry, as if she had discovered a new continent.

As soon as she said this, a few people around echoed, “That’s right! Other than the color being different and some of the decorations, it’s exactly the same!”

“Oh my god! Is this a mask imitating Lin Qian’s?” A contestant who was also Lin Qian’s fan echoed.

“No way! Ming Yi actually wants to use this method to gain Lin Qian’s favor?”

“Lin Qian thinks highly of Ming Yi, to begin with. She shouldn’t need to go that far!”

Some people felt that everyone was probably thinking too much.

However, some people felt that Ming Yi’s actions were very suspicious!

“Then how do you explain this mask? Could she be a stalker?” Feng Si covered her mouth and shouted softly.

“That’s possible! Could it be that Ming Yi is also Lin Qian’s fan?” Tian Yuan nodded and echoed.

The others also denounced Ming Yi’s crazy fan behavior.

“Then this behavior is too terrifying! She actually specially made this to imitate her idol’s style!”

“What a joke! Lin Qian’s mask is unique. How can it be imitated so casually!”

“That’s right! This is disrespecting Senior!”

“That’s right! Such a person doesn’t have any sense of seniority! I don’t want to compete with such a person!”

The level of denunciation gradually increased, and some even got to the point of doubting Ming Yi’s character.

Because of this, someone began to clamor for Ming Yi to withdraw from the competition.

“Yes! That’s right! Get Ming Yi out! Don’t let her pollute our competition!”

“That’s right! After making a mask, he might do something strange…”

“Besides, this mask is so similar. Could it be that she secretly investigated Lin Qian’s mask?”

“Then didn’t she go into Lin Qian’s room?”

“Oh my god! Could she be an extreme fan?”

The speculations became more and more ridiculous. Lin Yun felt dizzy.

“Shut up, all of you!” Ding Ning’s voice sounded at the door. “Why are you so noisy early in the morning!”

“Go back to your rooms! I’ll deal with the matters here!” Ding Ning ordered. The people who were watching the commotion did not dare to delay and left.