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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 449 - Seek Treatment If You're Sick

Chapter 449: Seek Treatment If You’re Sick

Hearing Han Fang’s request, Ding Ning’s expression turned even uglier. “Why do you want to change rooms?”

Han Fang looked aggrieved and even pretended to cough twice. “I’m not feeling well. I need a quiet room to recuperate.”

“I thought that the room in the corner of the second floor was the most suitable, so I thought of changing rooms. It’s more suitable for me to rest and I can perform better afterward.”

Ding Ning’s expression turned even uglier when she heard Han Fang’s words.

She had no intention of hiding her frustration and replied without hesitation, “If you’re sick, seek treatment. This is a competition and not a place to recuperate.”

Han Fang frowned slightly. Clearly, she was not getting the answer she wanted.

However, Ding Ning was someone she could not afford to offend. She could only roll her eyes and reply submissively, “Okay, I understand.”

Han Fang walked out and saw two contestants whispering at the door as if they had heard the conversation inside.

The two of them said something and glanced at Han Fang from time to time.

Han Fang glared back fiercely and vented the anger she had just suppressed. “What are you looking at? Are you crazy!”

With that, Han Fang walked towards the door angrily. No matter what, she had to change her room today!

Lin Yun stood in front of the window and watched Han Fang walk out of the door. She raised her eyebrows, knowing that today’s matter would probably not be resolved so easily.

Lin Yun watched as people walked into the garden.

Soon, another car stopped at the door. The car door opened and Lin Qian got out of the car first. Immediately after, Ji Rou walked out of the car.

The two of them walked into the garden and disappeared through the front door.

Before long, Lin Yun heard cheers and screams coming from the hall. She rubbed her ears impatiently, trying to block out the noise.

After a while, Lin Yun received Lin Qian’s message. “Xiao Yun, I’ve prepared a gift for you. I’ll get Auntie Niu to send it to your room later.”

Lin Yun looked at the message in puzzlement. Just as she was about to ask Lin Qian what it was, she heard a light knock at the door.

Lin Yun thought that Auntie Niu was here to deliver something. Unexpectedly, when she opened the door, she saw Jiang Juan, who had obtained good results in the competition.

“Why are you looking for me?” Lin Yun looked at Jiang Juan, who had always been alone, and didn’t know why she suddenly came to look for her.

Jiang Juan looked behind her and then at Lin Yun. She said in a low voice, “Someone is looking for trouble with you. Be careful.”

Under the veil, Lin Yun raised her eyebrows. She did not expect Jiang Juan to kindly come and remind her.

Although Jiang Juan’s reminder was a little unnecessary, Lin Yun still thanked her sincerely. “Thank you for your reminder. I’ll be careful.”

Seeing that Lin Yun didn’t seem to take her words to heart, Jiang Juan looked at Lin Yun with a disappointed expression. “I just can’t stand those people playing some tricks. It’s up to you whether you want to listen or not.”

After Jiang Juan finished speaking, she snorted and left.

Lin Yun stood rooted to the ground and looked at Jiang Juan’s angry expression. For some reason, she felt that she was a little cute.

Lin Yun was about to close the door when she heard a commotion downstairs.

“Lin Yu is here!”

“Do you see that? That’s the young master of the Tian family in the capital!”

“The Tian family specially sent a car to send Lin Yu over. Could it be that the Lin family is related to the Tian family?”

“In my opinion, Lin Yu must have looked down on Zheng Yu and turned to Tian Tian!”

Lin Yun listened to their discussion in the hall and closed the door.

She walked to the window and looked down. Indeed, Lin Yu got out of an extended Rolls-Royce.