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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 445 - Man Garden

Chapter 445: Man Garden

The next morning, Lin Qian left with Ji Rou while Pei Man pulled Lin Ting out to shop and enjoy his rest.

Lin Yun also received a message from the production team asking them to gather at Man Garden that afternoon. When the production team sent her the address, Lin Yun felt that the address looked familiar.

As she had only been in the capital for a short time, Lin Yun was not familiar with the surrounding roads. Hence, she packed her luggage and planned to ask Uncle Niu to send her to the place of the gathering.

She had just pulled her luggage to the door of the back building when she saw Auntie Niu rushing in. “Xiao Yun, the person who came to rent our garden is here. She said that she wants to set up the stage in advance.”

“The others will come and stay this afternoon.”

Lin Yun could only put down her luggage and settle her matters.

She followed Auntie Niu to the front building and saw a girl with black-framed glasses and a ponytail waiting in the hall.

Seeing Auntie Niu walk over, the girl walked forward politely. “Auntie Niu, our leader asked me to come over and do some preparations.”

Auntie Niu raised her hand and stopped the girl. “This is the owner of this garden. If you have anything to say to her, tell her!”

The girl sized Lin Yun up and had a guess in her heart. From the looks of it, she was probably the eldest daughter of a rich family!

These rich people were really lucky. They had a lot of money rolling into their wallets just by sitting at home.

Unlike her, who had just found this assistant job after graduating for more than a year!

It had been almost a month, but it was still just these chores!

Contempt flashed across the girl’s eyes, but she quickly hid it.

She bowed politely to Lin Yun and said, “Hello! Sorry to disturb you!”

“Our production team will come over today. We will try our best not to disturb you for the next few days!”

“Thank you very much for providing us with the venue!”

Lin Yun had long noticed the change in the girl’s attitude.

She didn’t say much and only said indifferently, “I won’t be here for the next few days. If you need to inform us of anything, just talk to Uncle Niu and Aunt Niu!”

Seeing Lin Yun’s cold attitude, the girl was even more dissatisfied with her.

However, the girl still smiled and said to Lin Yun and Auntie Niu, “Alright! We’ll try our best to protect everything here!”

“Don’t worry!”

The girl was too polite. Even Auntie Niu couldn’t help but feel a little awkward.

Auntie Niu waved her hand and said, “Since we’ve met, do what you have to do!”

“I’ll stay in the side building. If you need anything, just look for me there!”

“Remember, only the front building is rented to the production team. You can’t go to the building and courtyard at the back!” Auntie Niu emphasized again.

The girl agreed obediently.

Seeing that there was nothing else to say, Lin Yun turned around and left.

Just as she reached the courtyard in the middle, Lin Yun held Aunt Niu’s hand and said, “Aunt Niu, I have a place to go. Can you get Uncle Niu to send me there?”

“Hey! Of course! I’ll call the old man now! Where are you going?” Aunt Niu asked happily.

“Man Garden.” Lin Yun took out her phone and confirmed the address before showing it to Auntie Niu.

“Where are you talking about?” Auntie Niu exclaimed, scaring Lin Yun so much that she almost dropped the phone she handed over.

Lin Yun looked at her phone again and again before confirming, “Man Garden! Is there a problem with that place?”

Auntie Niu frowned and looked at Lin Yun as if she felt that something was wrong with Lin Yun’s brain.

“Man Garden is here!”

Hearing Auntie Niu’s words, Lin Yun was completely stunned. “The sign at the door clearly says Yun Garden!”

After a while, she carefully checked the address with Auntie Niu.