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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 441 - First Visit

Chapter 441: First Visit

Ning Kun glanced at Lin Qian and Ji Rou and said with a faint smile, “Miss Ji Rou seems to be very familiar with the people here. Could it be…”

Ning Kun didn’t continue, but that ambiguous smile made Lin Qian’s expression change.

Ji Rou did not seem to have any reaction. She only smiled and said, “Xiao Yun invited me to stay here temporarily. Wasn’t CEO Lu also invited by Xiao Yun today?”

As soon as Ji Rou said this, Auntie Niu remembered that she was here to welcome a guest.

Auntie Niu glanced at Lu Chen and Ning Kun and smiled widely. “You’re CEO Lu, right? Miss Xiao Yun has been waiting for you for a long time. She…”

Before Auntie Niu could finish speaking, Lin Yun had already rushed out.

Lin Yun was shocked to see a large group of people in front of her.

“CEO Lu, I’m sorry. I was delayed by something just now.” Lin Yun smiled at Lu Chen and said, “Please come in!”

Lu Chen nodded and smiled gently at Lin Yun. “Then I’ll be troubling you, Miss Lin!”

Ning Kun pushed the wheelchair and entered the door under Lin Yun’s lead.

Auntie Niu, Lin Qian, and Ji Rou walked behind.

Auntie Niu looked at the person in front of her and could not help but sigh. “What a pity for such a good-looking person!”

Lin Qian looked at Auntie Niu strangely. “What’s a pity?”

“Look! CEO Lu’s legs are so long. He must be very tall and handsome when he stands up!” Auntie Niu could not help but sigh. “Unfortunately, this person can’t stand up…”

“Otherwise, he would really look like a couple with our Xiao Yun!”

Hearing Auntie Niu’s words, Lin Qian only smiled and didn’t say anything.

Ji Rou replied, “I saw CEO Lu a few times before he was injured. He’s indeed very tall and handsome!”

Lin Qian glanced at Ji Rou and didn’t say anything.

They walked into the back building where Lin Ting and Pei Man were waiting in the hall.

Lin Yun obediently introduced her parents to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen instructed Ning Kun to hand over his gift and personally gave it to Lin Ting and his wife.

“Uncle Lin, Auntie Lin.” Lu Chen greeted Lin Ting and his wife. He could even be considered obedient. “Because it’s a little sudden, I hope you will like this gift.”

Lu Chen looked like a son-in-law who had come to visit for the first time.

Pei Man looked at Lu Chen with a smile and took the gift. “Aiya! I’m disturbing your date with Xiao Yun…”

As Pei Man spoke, she noticed Lin Yun’s expression change and corrected herself. “We interrupted your discussion!”

Although Lin Ting did not show it, he seemed to have a good impression of Lu Chen.

Lin Qian stood at the side and listened to Pei Man’s words. He couldn’t help but smile.

Lin Yun glared at Lin Qian and turned to look at Auntie Niu. “Auntie Niu, is dinner ready?”

Auntie Niu, who was standing at the side watching the commotion, was suddenly called out. She immediately said, “Everything is ready! I’ll be right there!”

After Auntie Niu finished speaking, she elbowed Uncle Niu in the chest. “Hurry up and help me!”

Uncle Niu endured the pain and innocently followed Auntie Niu to the kitchen to help.

Everyone had dinner in a subtle atmosphere.

That was because Lin Ting, his wife, and Lin Qian had suddenly arrived. Fortunately, Auntie Niu had prepared enough. Although this meal was a little rushed, it ended perfectly.

Lin Ting and Pei Man seemed to be curious about Lu Chen, but it was their first time meeting after all, so it was not appropriate to ask.

Lin Qian always looked at Lu Chen strangely. That expression made Lin Yun feel strange, but it also made her want to rush over and beat Lin Qian up.

After the meal, Lin Yun did not have a chance to chat with Lu Chen alone. Fortunately, Lin Ting finally said that everyone should go about their own business, so Lin Yun stayed behind to entertain the guest.

Their sudden arrival should not have affected Lin Yun’s original plan.