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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 439 - Unexpected Guests

Chapter 439: Unexpected Guests

Lin Yun stood in the room and watched as Lin Qian said something to Ji Rou, making Ji Rou laugh.

This was the first time Lin Yun had seen Lin Qian coax a girl like this.

One had to know that Pei Man’s evaluation of Lin Qian was that he was a playboy who didn’t understand a woman’s heart.

Lin Yun watched the two of them walk in the garden happily and couldn’t help but feel envious.

How great would it be if she could meet someone and spend her life simply and happily?

The next morning, Lin Yun told Auntie Niu that there would be a guest coming for dinner.

Auntie Niu immediately patted her chest and promised that there was no problem.

Then, she instructed Uncle Niu to go to the market to pick some fresh ingredients and treat the guest well.

Lin Qian and Ji Rou were supposed to attend a gathering organized by the production team before they started filming. They wouldn’t be eating at home for dinner.

This time, only Lin Yun was left to entertain Lu Chen, saving her the trouble of explaining to Lin Qian and Ji Rou.

For the entire day, Lin Yun felt muddle-headed. There were things circling in her mind, and she couldn’t concentrate.

Finally, at six in the evening, Lin Yun was about to go to the kitchen to see how Auntie Niu’s dinner was going when she heard the doorbell ring.

Lin Yun was a little puzzled. She was supposed to meet Lu Chen at seven in the evening. Why was he here at this time?

Although she found it strange, Lin Yun still walked quickly towards the door.

She had just walked out of the front building when the huge iron gate that looked like a park gate was slowly opened by Uncle Niu.

Lin Yun was about to call Uncle Niu back and greet the guest when she saw a figure rush in from the iron gate.

Before Lin Yun could react, she was already in someone’s arms.

She was shocked and found herself looking at Lin Ting, who was smiling kindly at her.

Feeling the soft touch and fragrance in her arms, Lin Yun knew that the person hugging her must be Pei Man!

“Dad, Mom? Why are you here?” Lin Yun asked in surprise.

Lin Ting looked at Pei Man dotingly and said, “Your mother said that she was worried that you wouldn’t feel comfortable staying here alone and insisted on coming over to take a look herself. She arranged it for you!”

“Coincidentally, your brother is taking care of the restaurant now. I’ll take the opportunity to take a break.”

Hearing Lin Ting’s words, Lin Yun suddenly thought of her brother busying himself in the kitchen. She couldn’t help but laugh when she thought of his refined appearance and his flustered manner of cooking.

Hearing Lin Yun’s laughter, Pei Man let go of Lin Yun. “How is it? Are you used to being here alone?”

Lin Yun looked at Pei Man and smiled. “How can I be alone?! Uncle Niu and Auntie Niu are here. Second Brother lives here too!”

“Aiya! Uncle Niu and Aunt Niu can’t live with you..” Pei Man was talking when she suddenly paused. “What did you say? Why does that kid live here too?”

Hearing Pei Man’s question, Lin Yun couldn’t help but smile. “Second Brother came to the capital for an event and hasn’t arranged a place to stay, so…”

Seeing that Pei Man was about to flare up, Lin Ting stopped her. “Let’s go in first!”

“Uncle Niu, please help me. We still have some luggage in the car that needs to be taken down.” Lin Ting said and walked towards the car parked outside the courtyard with Uncle Niu.

Lin Yun held Pei Man’s arm and revealed a thoughtful expression. “You brought Dad to recuperate, right?”

Pei Man glanced at Lin Yun and smiled. “That’s right! He’s always worried about the restaurant in Sea City and secretly runs in to help from time to time!”

“I had no choice but to kidnap him and bring him here!”

Lin Yun’s face was filled with smiles as she sighed softly. “Dad and Mom are so close!”

Pei Man gently touched Lin Yun’s face, which was slightly flushed. “You’ll also meet a husband with whom you have a good relationship in the future!”

“You’ll be happy too!”

Lin Yun did not say anything and only gently leaned her head on Pei Man’s shoulder.