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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 436 - An Exorbitant Price

Chapter 436: An Exorbitant Price

When the boss returned, he saw Lin Yun and Lin Yu at daggers drawn.

The boss walked over with a case and opened it in front of the two of them.

Inside was a pure white guitar. The handiwork was exquisite, and every detail was impeccable.

The strings had not been installed, and it was obvious that the final process had not been completed.

Ji Rou looked at the guitar and nudged Lin Yun. “This guitar is not bad!”

Lin Yun nodded, clearly seeing that this guitar was expensive.

Lin Yu naturally couldn’t tell if the guitar was good or bad, but she could tell from Lin Yun’s expression if she was interested.

The other person kept her face covered with a hat and mask, but Lin Yu felt that she looked more and more familiar.

Lin Yun was about to ask when Lin Yu said to the boss, “How much is this guitar? I want it!”

The boss was even more troubled. “Miss Lin, this guitar can’t be sold!”

“A customer spent a lot of money to customize this! He won’t sell it!”

Lin Yu snorted unhappily. “Is there anything in this world that money can’t buy?”

“Just name a price. With the Lin family’s financial resources, I can buy anything in this shop!”

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, Lin Yun only shrugged.

She had heard from the boss that this was a custom-made guitar, so she naturally did not covet it. She had originally planned to take a look and get the boss to draw up her customization plan.

Unexpectedly, someone really wanted to buy something ordered by someone else! She was really a woman who dared to snatch anything!

Lin Yun sneered at Lin Yu.

The boss looked at Lin Yu with a troubled expression. “Miss Lin, although the price of this guitar is indeed not low, it’s really not a matter of price!”

“Then how much is this guitar worth?” Lin Yu asked disdainfully. “At most, I’ll custom-make another identical one for you to report!”

The boss sighed helplessly and said, “This guitar is worth three million.”

“What?” Lin Yu shouted, but she regained her composure the next moment. “You unscrupulous businessman, you still say that you’re not doing this to earn money!”

However, the boss had an innocent expression on his face. “Miss Lin! I’m really not talking nonsense! The materials used to make this guitar were specially imported from overseas!”

“It’s said that this wood was chosen from the rare woods of the tropical rainforest, and the strings were handmade by Knobloch.”

“In addition, our guitar master, Master Jia Zhang, personally made it. How can this price not be high?”

Lin Yun listened to the boss’s explanation and couldn’t help but be interested in this guitar.

However, such an expensive guitar was useless to her.

“I wonder who the owner of this guitar is!” Ji Rou couldn’t help but sigh.

Such a guitar was probably not something ordinary people could play casually. It might be the work of some collector.

The boss thought for a moment and said, “The customizer said that a lady called Lin Yun will come over to get the guitar.”

“It should be in the next few days!”

The boss’s words stunned the three people present.

Ji Rou was the first to come back to her senses.

She looked at the boss and asked again, “Did you just say Miss Lin Yun?”

The boss nodded and said, “That’s right! The gentleman who came to order the guitar confirmed it three times!”

Lin Yu’s gaze changed as she looked at Lin Yun angrily. Then, she glared at the boss and asked, “Do you remember correctly? Which Lin Yun? Which Lin Yun?”

The boss couldn’t react in time and was stunned by Lin Yu’s interrogation.

Lin Yun also reacted at this moment. She frowned and looked at the boss. “What’s the surname of the gentleman who ordered the guitar?”