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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 422 - Arriving at the Capital

Chapter 422: Arriving at the Capital

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Taking Lin Qian’s car, they drove for about seven to eight hours before arriving at the capital.

The car drove all the way to the address of the property Pei Man had given Lin Yun and stopped beside a huge iron gate that was like the gate of a park.

As Lin Yun sat in the car and looked at the door outside, she almost exclaimed.

Was this just a small courtyard as Pei Man had said?

The courtyard in front of her was almost 1,000 square meters. From the entrance, there was a medium-sized garden in the front yard. The corridor ran all the way to the small building at the back.

Lin Qian looked at the gate of the courtyard and couldn’t help but whistle.

“Xiao Yun, Dad and Mom really dote on you. This place looks much more imposing than the small building on Xinyang Road!”

Although Lin Qian’s words sounded like a joke, one could tell that he was sighing from the bottom of his heart. He was not jealous, but sincerely happy for his sister.

Lin Yun shrugged and said to Lin Qian, “If Second Brother doesn’t mind, come in with me to take a look!”

Lin Qian immediately agreed and said with a smile, “Of course not! I have to take a good look at this place. I’m worried about letting you stay alone!”

Lin Yun knew that Lin Qian was telling the truth.

Even if there were people taking care of such a huge place, Lin Yun did not dare to stay alone.

Fortunately, the production team that Pei Man mentioned was about to enter. It should be more lively then.

Lin Qian went forward and pressed the doorbell at the entrance. Soon, someone answered.

A plump woman walked out.

She had a benevolent expression and pressed the button to open the door with a smile.

“You must be Sister Pei’s children!” The fat woman said happily as she sized up Lin Yun and Lin Qian.

“You’re really good-looking! You’re like a superstar!” The fat woman continued to praise. Then, she clapped her hands and said, “Aiya, look at me. I was so happy that I forgot to introduce myself!”

“I’m Auntie Niu, who’s here to look after the residence.”

“My husband and I are usually the only ones in this place. It’s very deserted.”

“It’s great that you’re here!”

Auntie Niu’s face was filled with excitement. It was obvious that she was sincerely happy to see Lin Yun and Lin Qian here.

Lin Yun was a little dizzy from Auntie Niu’s enthusiasm.

Lin Qian replied with a smile, “The Auntie Niu my mother often mentions is you! I’m the second son of the Lin family, Lin Qian.”

“Hey! Good! Good! Does your mother talk about me often?” Auntie Niu asked happily. Her face was almost blooming with joy!

Before Lin Qian could answer, he heard someone shout from inside, “Hurry up and let them in! Why are you standing outside!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a middle-aged man in gardening clothes walked over.

Auntie Niu turned around and glared at that person. “I’m just happy, so I’m talking to them!”

“Then let them go in first! Who would stand outside their own house and chat!” The middle-aged man said unhappily and had already walked up to the three of them.

Auntie Niu pursed her lips and said to Lin Yun and Lin Qian, “My husband, Old Niu! Just call him Uncle Niu!”

“He’s a handyman in this garden. He only knows how to do some maintenance and tidying. He stays in the garden all day long and refuses to come out!”

“Pissing me off is his specialty!”

Hearing Auntie Niu’s introduction, Lin Qian and Lin Yun couldn’t help but laugh.

The two of them greeted Uncle Niu obediently and followed the couple into the garden.

The property consisted of two courtyards, one inside and one outside.

They entered from the outer courtyard and passed by a small flowerbed and a corridor before arriving at the first small building.

The building had a total of three floors. According to Aunt Niu, the couple lived in a suite on the right of the first floor of the building.

Lin Qian and Uncle Niu walked in front with their luggage while Auntie Niu and Lin Yun walked behind arm in arm.