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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 418 - Return

Chapter 418: Return

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“What are you guys talking about?” Lin Qian happened to walk into the room with a plate of fruits that had just been cut from the kitchen.

Lin Yun and Wang Qi looked at each other and couldn’t hide the smile on their faces.

Wang Qi said to Lin Qian mysteriously, “A man who is very important to Xiao Yun is coming back!”

“Very important? A man?” Lin Qian blinked and looked at Lin Yun. Suddenly, alarm bells rang in his mind.

What would happen if Lu Chen found out about this?

Lin Qian suddenly felt a chill from the bottom of his heart.

Handing the plate in her hand to Lin Yun, Lin Qian sat beside her and blinked. “Who is it? Tell me!”

Lin Qian decided to get some information first in case Lu Chen asked and he knew nothing.

According to Lu Chen’s recent reaction to Lin Yun’s matter and Fu Heng’s occasional news, Lin Qian was very sure that his big boss had some intentions toward his biological sister!

However, Lin Qian had to understand his sister’s thoughts first.

After all, arranged marriages were not popular in this day and age!

Hearing Lin Qian’s question, Lin Yun still looked at him excitedly. “Second Brother! My brother is coming back!”

“Ah?” Lin Qian was stunned, not knowing what Lin Yun was talking about.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Qian’s stunned expression and immediately explained, “I have a brother at that house. He’s coming back now!”

When Lin Qian heard this, his frown deepened. Clearly, he was even more puzzled.

Be it from previous news reports or Lin Qian’s special investigation, Lin Yun was the only daughter of the Lin family in Hai Cheng. When did a brother appear?

Seeing Lin Qian’s expression, Lin Yun immediately knew what he had thought of.

She shrugged and said, “Brother is the child that my father had before his marriage.”

Lin Qian blinked as if he had heard some shocking gossip.

Lin Yun’s lips twitched as she squeezed out a smile. “I only found out about this brother when I was five years old.”

“At that time, his mother passed away. His father, Lin Cheng, wanted to bring him home, but my mother…” Lin Yun said and paused. “But Wang Lan was unwilling no matter what. She even brought me back to Grandpa’s house to stay for more than half a year.”

“At that time, I hadn’t seen this brother. I just felt that he was very pitiful. He lost his mother at such a young age,” Lin Yun continued, but she felt that she might have been more pitiful at that time.

“At that time, Mother said that she wanted to bring me along to commit suicide, so Father gave up on bringing him back.”

“However, Father raised him in an apartment not far away and sent someone to look after him.”

“We were a year apart in age. Later, my father arranged for us to go to the same school.”

“After knowing each other’s identities, we often chatted together. Later on, we slowly got to know each other,” Lin Yun said and couldn’t help but sigh softly.

“At that time, they all thought I was a genius. They made me show off my talents all day long and took me to competitions everywhere.”

“I was really tired of that kind of life, so I secretly left home!”

“I remember when I was nine years old. I walked a few kilometers from home and couldn’t find my way anymore.”

“I was scared of being alone on a strange street. I could only hug myself and cry.”

“Later, the first person to find me was my brother. That was when we became closer.”

“After Father sent him overseas, we chatted online for a long time…” As Lin Yun spoke, she suddenly paused, as if she had thought of something.

She coughed lightly and continued, “It’s just that we haven’t seen each other for many years. I wonder what he has become!”