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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 415 - Lin Yun's Warning

Chapter 415: Lin Yun’s Warning

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Xiao Yu, does this place really belong to you?” Zhu Huan stood outside the three-story building and could not help but exclaim.

“This place must be very expensive! It should be worth hundreds of thousands!” Zhu Huan could not help but wipe the saliva that was dripping from her mouth.

Lin Yu glanced at Zhu Huan in disdain and said scornfully, “This place is worth tens of millions!”

“Ten million?” Zhu Huan’s mouth was wide open in shock as she stared at the small building in front of her.

“My family won’t be able to earn that amount in a few lifetimes!” Zhu Huan turned to look at Lin Yu. “Xiaoyu, you’re rich now!”

Lin Yu snorted and said, “It’s just tens of millions. I’m the daughter of the Lin family now! I have plenty of money!”

Although she said that, Lin Yu’s eyes still revealed excitement.

She walked towards the door and opened the door according to the method Lin Yun had told her before walking into the small courtyard.

After entering the password to unlock the door, Lin Yu carefully checked the surroundings for any abnormalities before entering the building with Zhu Huan.

The reason why Lin Yu brought Zhu Huan along was first to see if Lin Yun would set any traps for her to jump into. At that time, she would let Zhu Huan, the fool, take the fall for her.

Secondly, she naturally needed someone to witness the important moment when she owned such a building worth tens of millions!

Lin Yu pushed open the door and was about to welcome her tens of millions of assets when she suddenly tripped over something.

Startled, she looked down to see a man’s body stretched across the front door.

It was that body that stopped her from walking in.

Lin Yu screamed in fear and took two steps back. However, she bumped into Zhu Huan, who was walking in.

Zhu Huan was also shocked. Her cry was even louder than that of Lin Yu’s.

Lin Yu frowned and hit Zhu Huan hard to stop her from screaming.

However, although Zhu Huan stopped screaming, she screamed again when she saw the man lying in front of her, “Dead man! Murder!”

Zhu Huan screamed even louder and turned to run out.

Lin Yu was also shocked by the situation in front of her, but Zhu Huan’s scream jolted her instantly.

She covered Zhu Huan’s mouth with one hand and whispered in Zhu Huan’s ear, “Stop shouting! He’s not dead!”

Zhu Huan grabbed Lin Yu’s hand and panted nervously.

Zhu Huan finally quieted down.

Lin Yu frowned as she looked at the man’s heaving chest. She kicked the man’s leg hard. “Hey! Wake up! Who are you!”

The man didn’t move, but his even breathing showed that he was still alive.

Lin Yu let go of Zhu Huan’s mouth and warned her not to act rashly.

Zhu Huan covered her mouth and stood at the side, looking timidly at the man lying on the ground.

Lin Yu walked forward to see who this person was.

She lowered her body and leaned over, wanting to see the person’s face.

The person seemed to have fainted. No matter how Lin Yu moved, he did not react.

However, when she saw the person’s face clearly, Lin Yu was so frightened that her face turned pale and she took a few steps back.

“Why is he here?” Lin Yu looked at that face and instantly remembered who this person was.

When Zhu Huan heard Lin Yu’s words, she also leaned forward to take a look, but she couldn’t help but frown. “Why does this person look so familiar?”

“I think I’ve seen him somewhere before…” Zhu Huan felt that this person looked familiar. This was because Zhu Huan had seen Brother Qi before, and the one lying on the ground was the man called Eagle, who was always beside Brother Qi!

Lin Yu wasn’t in the mood to care if Zhu Huan knew this person in front of her!

If the Eagle fainted here, it meant that Lin Yun and the others already knew what they had done!

Lin Yun was clearly giving her a warning!