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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 42 - Not Wounded?  

Chapter 42: Not Wounded?

Ling Na glared at Doctor Fang’s outstretched hand, her expression turning even uglier. “What do you want!”

Doctor Fang looked at Ling Na helplessly. “Don’t be afraid. I just want to check your injuries.”

Ling Na narrowed her eyes. Then her eyes darted around before she turned around and ran towards Lin Yun.

“Don’t come over! I won’t let you have the chance to hurt me again!”

“All of you are evil!”

“You want to take this opportunity to hurt me and leave me permanently crippled?”

“No way!”

The more Ling Na spoke, the more agitated she became.

Wang Lan’s expression turned ugly when she heard Lin Yun’s words. Although the Lin family could not afford to offend the Ling family, they could not let Ling Na slander them like this.

Wang Lan was about to say something when Ling Na “accidentally” bumped into Lin Yun.

In the next moment, Ling Na screamed again and was about to fall to the ground.

Under everyone’s gaze, if Lin Yun didn’t reach out to pull Ling Na, it was obvious that she did it on purpose.

Lin Yun reached out to grab Ling Na’s uninjured hand. Unexpectedly, she happened to grab Ling Na’s injured hand!

Everyone heard a wail, followed by a click.

Obviously, even if Ling Na’s injuries were not serious, her bones and tendons were probably injured.

Lin Yun frowned but did not stop.

She grabbed Ling Na’s hand and pulled her towards her, ignoring her struggles.

Ling Na screamed as she was about to crash into Lin Yun’s body.

In the next moment, Lin Yun grabbed Ling Na’s wrist with her right hand and held her elbow with her left hand, stopping her from inertia.

Ling Na froze, a smug smile flying across her face.

Everyone had seen and heard it with their own eyes.

Even if she had deliberately framed Lin Yun just now, she was now really injured in front of everyone.

Seeing that the two of them were finally not injured further, Wang Lan hurriedly instructed Doctor Fang to check on Ling Na’s injuries.

She only hoped that Ling Na’s injuries would not worsen. Otherwise, it would really be trouble that they could not resolve!

Doctor Fang was also confused by Lin Yun and Ling Na’s series of actions.

When he regained his senses, he rushed to Ling Na’s side. It seemed to him just now that Ling Na’s wrist had at least been dislocated.

Doctor Fang carefully touched Ling Na’s wrist and frowned slightly when he saw the swollen and injured area.

The next moment, he gently held Ling Na’s wrist.

Ling Na let out a loud cry. It didn’t sound very sincere, but it still made Wang Lan’s heart skip a beat.

Ling Na also felt a little strange. Her bones were clearly cracking from being pulled, but why didn’t she feel any pain now?

Could her wrist be numb from the injury?

Fang Heng carefully looked at Ling Na’s wrist. After checking it again and again, he said, “Miss Ling’s wrist is not injured now.”

“You’re not injured?” Wang Lan was surprised and relieved.

But Ling Na screamed, “Impossible!”

Her voice sounded sharp, even harsh.

Fang Heng frowned slightly. “Miss Ling, do you not believe in my medical skills?”

Ling Na wanted to give an affirmative answer, but she knew that Fang Heng’s medical skills were recognized both domestically and abroad.

Moreover, her wrist did not hurt at all! She frowned and looked at her wrist in a daze.

Suddenly, she looked up at Lin Yun. “It must be Lin Yun! It must be her!”

“My wrist was clearly injured just now! I wonder what method she used…”

At this moment, Wang Lan walked forward. “Ling Na, since you feel uncomfortable, why don’t you go to the hospital for another checkup?”

“Come, Auntie will accompany you to the hospital!”

As Wang Lan spoke, she gently wrapped an arm around Ling Na and led her out.

No matter what, she could not let Ling Na stay here anymore. If she really got into a conflict with Lin Yun again, there was no guarantee that she would not be injured next time.

Since Fang Heng said that Ling Na was not injured, there was no harm in bringing her to the hospital for a checkup. It could also prove the Lin family’s innocence.

Wang Lan thanked Fang Heng and asked the butler to send him back to rest.

Although Ling Na was unwilling, she could not resist Wang Lan’s good intentions.