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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 396 - Not Familiar

Chapter 396: Not Familiar

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“Xiaoyu, look, isn’t that Lin Yun and the others!” Zhu Huan pointed at Lin Yun, who was bidding farewell to Jin Ying and the others at the entrance of the cafe.

Lin Yu narrowed her eyes at the smile on Lin Yun’s face, revealing a chill.

She straightened her body slightly and puffed out her chest. “Let’s go and greet my sister!”

Zhu Huan immediately followed Lin Yu and walked towards Lin Yun and the others.

The two of them arrived in front of Lin Yun and Lin Yu smiled at her. “Sister, why are you free to come to the cafe today? Don’t you have to stay in the fishing village to slaughter fish and pick shrimp?”

After Lin Yu finished speaking, she sneered as if she had seen Lin Yun do these jobs with her own eyes.

Lin Yun’s friends looked at one another and naturally heard the provocation in Lin Yu’s tone.

However, they were very curious.

Lin Yun used to be the daughter of the Lin family in Sea City. Could it be that she was now reduced to doing such heavy work at the fishermen’s house?

That would really make Lin Yun suffer!

Lin Yun didn’t mind Lin Yu’s provocation and only smiled. “Did you do this often in the past?”

“Dad and Mom dote on me, but they’ve never asked me to do this!” Lin Yun’s face was filled with a blissful smile. She did not seem to be lying.

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, the others began to wonder about Lin Yu’s previous life.

Could it be that the parents in the fishing village were really biased and let Lin Yu do this heavy work?

Most importantly, had Lin Yu really done this?

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Lin Yu’s hands.

Lin Yu frowned and subconsciously clenched her fists.

She didn’t expect Lin Yun to counterattack like this, nor did she expect an obedient girl like Lin Yun to not help those two old fellows!

The last time they went to the fishing village, Lin Yu found their happy family an eyesore.

Didn’t Pei Man say that Lin Yun often helped them?

Could it be that she had never done these things before?!

Just as Lin Yu didn’t know how to respond, Zhu Huan stepped forward and said, “Of course, Xiaoyu didn’t do all that!”

“I’ve known her since we were young. She never helps the family!”

Hearing Zhu Huan’s words, the surrounding group of people immediately let out a gasp and snickered.

Lin Yu’s expression instantly stiffened.

What was Zhu Huan trying to do?

Wasn’t this saying that Lin Yu had everything she needed at home?!

If life in the fishing village was so hard, but she didn’t even know how to help her family, wouldn’t she be very unfilial?

What’s more, Lin Yu used the hard life in the fishing village story to gain a lot of sympathies!

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly and said to Zhu Huan, “I can tell that the two of you have a good relationship!”

Zhu Huan did not notice Lin Yu’s expression. Instead, she glared at Lin Yun and said, “Of course! We grew up together and our relationship is much better than what some people will have in their lifetimes!”

Zhu Huan still hated Lin Yun for not helping her back then. If she hadn’t found Lin Yu later, she might not have been able to enter Li’an!

Lin Yun pouted and said, “After all, we’re not familiar with each other.”

Zhu Huan paused for a moment, but she did not know how to refute.

Lin Yu glared at Zhu Huan with a dark expression before saying to Lin Yun, “I’m just concerned about you out of kindness. You don’t have to say so much here!”

“Congratulations on not having to do all that hard work in the fishing village. After all, you’ve been pampered since you were young. As the eldest daughter of the Lin family, you can’t feel the hardships of life in the fishing village!”

Seeing that Lin Yu was still planning to establish her image of being wronged, Jin Ying could not help but stand up for Lin Yun.

“Stop saying how pitiful you are! The person who made you so pitiful isn’t Lin Yun.”

“Who made you suffer? If you dawdle here, you’ll only be annoying!”