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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 390 - Charged

Chapter 390: Charged

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“Hello, Big Brother!” Wang Lan called Wang Long. Her sweet voice made Wang Long tremble involuntarily.

“If you have anything to say, just say it. I’ll feel scared if you do this!” Wang Long was not like Lin Cheng who liked a woman to act coquettish. He felt especially squirmish since this person was his biological sister!

How could Wang Long not know Wang Lan’s shrewish personality? Now that she was talking to him like this, it was obvious that she had something to ask of him.

It just so happened that Wang Long needed Wang Lan to back him up before he obtained the power of the Wang family!

The siblings had their own schemes and agreed to meet at a hotel cafe near the Lin family.

Jin Ying had been busy with her studies these past few days. She wanted to ask Lin Yun for help, but she could not get through to her.

Her depressed mood was discovered by the Jin family’s father.

The Jin family’s father spent a lot of money to prepare a VVIP afternoon tea feast for his daughter in the city’s most luxurious hotel cafe.

Jin Ying was naturally grateful. She blew her father a kiss and turned to call her classmates and friends.

Although Lin Yun could not be contacted, Jin Ying did not forget to leave her a message.

The hotel’s standards were very high. The cafe inside the hotel only served VIP guests and their guests.

Therefore, every guest who entered the cafe had to have a special invitation.

In order to avoid trouble, Jin Ying grabbed Feng Hao and stood at the door to welcome her friends.

Many friends even teased them. From afar, the two of them looked like newlyweds welcoming their guests.

This teasing made the two of them blush.

However, Jin Ying had her own reasons. She had a good relationship with Feng Hao and Lin Yun.

Now that she couldn’t find Lin Yun, Feng Hao, her “boyfriend”, naturally had to step forward.

The students were laughing and joking, making the atmosphere in the cafe very lively.

Wang Lan and Wang Long happened to meet at this cafe. Seeing the group of students chattering, Wang Lan could not help but frown. She called the waiter over and asked what was going on.

“I’m sorry, Madam. Boss Jin has reserved our café,” the waiter said apologetically.

“But Boss Jin also said that we can’t disturb guests who have already made reservations. Please enjoy your afternoon tea!”

Hearing the waiter’s words, Wang Lan frowned even more.

“What do you mean? You can’t disturb us. Can’t you see that those people are disturbing us?”

“Why do we have to be disturbed because we didn’t book the entire café?”

“I’m sorry, Madam. We’ll try our best to coordinate with the guests over there…” The waiter continued to explain patiently, “But this place has been booked by Boss Jin after all. We really can’t ask too much from them.”

Wang Lan took a deep breath, clearly not satisfied with the waiter’s answer.

“Let me tell you! Calm them down! Otherwise, don’t even think about making me come to your hotel to spend money again!”

Wang Lan’s words put the waiter in a difficult position.

“Madam, if you say so…” The waiter did not know how to respond to Wang Lan.

Wang Lan stood up from her chair in anger. “Do you know who I am?! How dare you treat us like this!”

“Call your manager over!” Wang Lan said fiercely.

The waiter sighed helplessly and said softly, “Please wait a moment.” Then, he turned around to look for the manager of the cafe.

Although this was a star-rated hotel and most of the guests who came in and out were prominent people, they seemed to have a bad temper.

And when they lost their temper, they always liked to talk to their manager.

The poor manager had only been in the cafe for two months and had already been summoned no less than four times.