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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 383 - Expulsion Order

Chapter 383: Expulsion Order

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

According to Wang Qi, Wang Long had specially come to the hospital today.

However, he didn’t even ask about Old Master Wang’s health before anxiously holding an authorization transfer letter and asking Old Master Wang to hand over the power of the Wang Corporation.

After Wang Long’s commotion, even though Old Master Wang no longer had any hopes for his son, he was still furious and fainted on the spot.

Wang Qi happened to go to the office specially prepared for Lin Han in the hospital to ask about Old Master Wang’s treatment plan.

Before the two of them could chat for long, they saw the nurse rushing over to say that Old Master Wang had fainted!

When Wang Qi rushed to the ward, she saw Wang Long holding the power of attorney and looking at Old Master Wang helplessly.

Wang Qi was so angry that she almost hit her father.

Fortunately, Lin Han arrived in time to stop Wang Qi.

Wang Qi scolded Wang Long fiercely and even chased him out of the ward.

Wang Long was also spineless. He was scared silly and did not dare to retort after being scolded by his daughter.

He left in a daze, but Old Master Wang was still in the midst of emergency treatment.

After about half an hour of emergency treatment, Old Master Wang finally woke up. Wang Qi hugged Old Master Wang and cried for a long time.

Lin Yun listened to Wang Qi’s story and knew that she was actually under a lot of pressure. She was also very worried that Old Master Wang would really fall ill and never get up.

However, the Wang family only had two unreliable children now, and there was a group of outsiders coveting the assets of the Wang family.

Especially Lin Cheng. He simply treated the Wang family as his reserve. He wished he could empty the Wang family.

The two of them chatted for a while before walking towards Old Master Wang’s ward.

When she arrived at the door of the ward, Lin Yun heard a voice coming from inside.

Lin Yun would never mistake that voice for anything else. It was Lin Yu’s voice!

The voice was very soft as if it was whispering something, but it pierced Lin Yun’s heart.

Wang Qi did not recognize the owner of the voice, but she rushed into the ward.

She did not want Grandpa to be agitated again!

The two of them entered the ward and saw Lin Yu sitting by Old Master Wang’s bed, talking with a smile.

Her voice was very soft as if she was worried that she would disturb Old Master Wang.

Old Master Wang lay on the hospital bed and nodded from time to time.

When Wang Qi saw Lin Yu, she couldn’t help but frown. “Why are you here?”

Only then did Lin Yu turn to look at Wang Qi, but her gaze lingered on Lin Yun.

“Cousin, you’re back.” Lin Yu stood up and smiled at Wang Qi.

Wang Qi snorted and walked to Old Master Wang’s side. She asked softly, “Grandpa, how are you feeling?”

Before Old Master Wang could speak, Lin Yu immediately said, “Grandpa was joking with me just now.”

Wang Qi glanced at Lin Yu and said coldly, “Grandpa isn’t feeling well. How can he have the strength to joke with you!”

Lin Yu paused for a moment before saying, “Grandpa dotes on me and doesn’t dislike me the way you do!”

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, Wang Qi almost flew into a rage.

She wished she could grab Lin Yu’s hair and throw her out!

Everyone in this family was worrisome!

Her father had just made her grandfather faint from anger, and now there was another person asking her grandfather, who had just woken up, to joke with her!

What sin had the Wang family committed!

The more Wang Qi thought about it, the angrier she became. Her expression turned even uglier. “If there’s nothing else, go back!”

After being chased out, Lin Yu’s expression became aggrieved.

She was about to complain to Old Master Wang when she saw Lin Yun, who was watching from the side, and anger flashed across her eyes.

She pointed at Lin Yun and said coldly, “Then why is she allowed to be here!”