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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 382 - Wishful Thinking

Chapter 382: Wishful Thinking

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After chatting with Lu Chen for a while, Lin Yun excused herself and left saying that she still had something on at school.

Lu Chen did not ask her to stay. However, before Lin Yun left, Lu Chen said meaningfully again, “As long as Miss Lin asks, I can help you get everything you want.”

Lin Yun did not respond and only nodded in thanks.

After leaving the cafe, Lin Yun called Jin Yan.


Ning Kun looked at Lu Chen sitting calmly in the wheelchair and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “CEO Lu, if you lie to Miss Lin like this and she finds out…”

Lu Chen looked at Ning Kun with a frown. “How did I lie to her?”

Ning Kun immediately shut up. He thought to himself that what CEO Lu did was akin to lying.

Shao Yi was clearly a spy planted by CEO Lu to keep tabs on Lu Teng. He was arrested this time because he had evidence against Lu Teng, so he was temporarily arranged by CEO Lu to enter the police station to avoid being tracked by the people behind Lu Teng!

Even if Miss Lin didn’t ask CEO Lu to save Shao Yi, CEO Lu wouldn’t leave him to his devices!

While CEO Lu was reaping this dividend, he did not feel that he was lying to Miss Lin at all. Ning Kun couldn’t help but secretly give Lu Chen a thumbs up. CEO Lu’s matter-of-fact attitude really required one to be thick-skinned…


After being questioned by Lin Yun, Jin Yan finally revealed that the expert he was talking about was indeed Lu Chen.

Jin Yan expressed that he did not intend to hide it, but CEO Lu said not to tell Miss Lin if she did not ask.

Lin Yun was speechless.

After confirming this matter, Lin Yun suddenly remembered that she had recently made a large sum of money. Could it be that Lu Chen was behind this?

Regarding this, Jin Yan told Lin Yun with certainty that this money was invested according to Lin Yun’s instructions and did not receive CEO Lu’s help at all.

Lin Yun hung up the call with Jin Yan and took a deep breath. No, she could not have any connections to Lu Chen anymore!

Lin Yun was trying her best to adjust her emotions when the phone in her hand rang again. Lin Yun was stunned and glanced at the caller ID. It was Wang Qi.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Yun sounded a little tired.

Wang Qi immediately understood. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Lin Yun immediately adjusted her emotions and said, “I’m fine. I’m just a little tired.”

“Why are you calling me?”

Wang Qi hesitated for a moment before saying, “My grandfather wants to see you.”

“I know you’re tired and don’t want to get involved in the Wang family’s matters, but…”

“But Grandpa insists on seeing you.”

“He said that he has something to tell you, so do you have time to come over today?”

Hearing Wang Qi’s words, Lin Yun took a deep breath. “Alright! I’ll go over later!”

Lin Yun hung up and hired a car to rush to the hospital.

Lin Yun walked to the hospital hall and saw Lin Yu making an inquiry at the reception from afar.

Her expression changed slightly as she turned around and walked towards the elevator.

She took the elevator to the floor of Old Master Wang’s ward. Just as the elevator door opened, Lin Yun saw Wang Qi waiting at the door.

“How did you know I was here?” Lin Yun looked at Wang Qi in surprise.

Wang Qi sighed and said, “I just chased my ignorant father out!”

“What happened?” Lin Yun got off the elevator and walked forward with Wang Qi.

“It’s a long story!” Wang Qi pulled Lin Yun to a tea break a distance away from the ward.

“When that unreliable person heard that Grandpa had woken up, he came over and wanted Grandpa to hand over the power of the company.”

“What wishful thinking!”