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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 39 - Avenge Lin Yu

Chapter 39: Avenge Lin Yu

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“Eh? You’re all here so early?” Ling Na held her bag in her hand and looked at the four people in front of her with a surprised expression.

The four of them were stunned, but none of them showed any signs of refuting.

“Ling Na, you’re here! It must have been hard on you on the way!” Li Ting was the first to react. She quickly got up and gave Ling Na her seat.

Ling Na chuckled as she looked at Li Ting. She gently placed her hand on Li Ting’s shoulder and pressed her down.

She walked over to Lin Yu and her gaze circled her.

Lin Yu didn’t say anything. She stood up silently and made way for Ling Na.

The smile on Ling Na’s face deepened as she looked at the four people in front of her. “Sigh, it’s all my fault that Sales insisted on showing me the new limited edition bag.”

“That made me late!” Ling Na looked aggrieved, but the smile on her lips did not fade.

Li Ting and Ni Tang looked at each other. Although they knew that the other party was unhappy, they did not dare to burst out in front of Ling Na.

After all, their family still had many businesses in the hands of the Ling Family!

After Ling Na finished speaking, she deliberately pushed her bag forward.

Mimi sat at the side and stared at the bag. “Is this the one Irene was carrying during the Paris Fashion Week a few days ago?”

“Yes! You can tell!” Ling Na smiled even more broadly.

“I heard that there are only three such bags in the world!”

Lin Yu looked at the “limited edition bag” and didn’t see how precious it was.

However, since it was “limited”, it must be something good!

One day, she would get this limited edition bag!

After Ling Na was done showing off, her gaze fell back on Lin Yu.

Lin Yu could feel the hostility in Ling Na’s eyes.

Recalling the conversation between Li Ting and Ni Tang, Lin Yu seemed to have understood something.

Before Lin Yu could speak, Ling Na had already made the first move. “Xiao Yu, where did you buy these clothes? Why do they look so…”

Ling Na paused for a moment before continuing, “Cheap!”

Lin Yu’s expression changed slightly.

She hated it when people talked to her like that!

Lin Yu took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

Li Ting and Ni Tang were stunned for a moment before they quickly explained, “Xiao Yu has been busy adapting to the new environment these few days and hasn’t gone to buy clothes!”

“Yeah! Let’s go shopping someday!”

“Why don’t we wait for a while? We don’t have anything else to do in the afternoon anyway!”

As Ling Na listened to their chatter, her gaze never left Lin Yu’s face.

Lin Yu’s expression remained calm.

After a while, Lin Yu looked at Ling Na with a helpless smile.

“I just returned to the Lin family and I’m not familiar with the place. My parents have been very busy recently and don’t have time to bring me to buy clothes.”

“I can only wear my sister’s old clothes for now!”

“I’m really sorry!”

Lin Yu sounded aggrieved and sincere, but it made Li Ting and the rest sigh.

Ling Na looked at Lin Yu and didn’t believe her.

However, since Lin Yu had said so and she could find trouble with Lin Yun, she didn’t mind following Lin Yu’s train of thought.

“So it’s Lin Yun’s old clothes. No wonder they’re so shabby!”

“However, you’re the real daughter of the Lin family. Lin Yun actually dared to treat you like this. She’s really going to flip the heavens!”

Lin Yu quickly lowered her voice and said timidly, “It’s not her fault. She’s very busy and really doesn’t have time…”

“What do you mean there’s no time?! She has been taking your position for so many years and she has time!”

“She won’t be able to make up for all your losses in the past few years even if she spends her entire life!”

“No, I can’t let her have it easy!”

“Let’s go! We’ll go to the Lin family to seek justice for you!”

As Ling Na spoke, she picked up her limited edition bag and got up to leave.

Ni Tang and the rest were surprised to see Ling Na leave so quickly.

“To the Lin family?” Mimi asked.

“That’s right! Our friend was bullied, so we have to avenge her!”

Ling Na’s words made sense. She ignored the others and walked out.

Everyone looked at Lin Yu, waiting for her decision.

Lin Yu naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. She called out Ling Na’s name as she hurriedly chased after her.

“Ling Na, wait for me! Don’t be rash! It’s not what you think!”

Lin Yu called out urgently, as if she didn’t want Ling Na to blow things up.

Ni Tang and the other two looked at each other and hurriedly chased after her.