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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 38 - The Wealthy Ling Family

Chapter 38: The Wealthy Ling Family

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Lin Yu listened to their conversation and did not interrupt, but there was a hint of playfulness on her face.

She had just entered the circle of Hai Cheng’s noble ladies.

Many things were still unfamiliar to her.

However, as long as it was not beneficial to Lin Yun, she was happy to participate.

Since there was such a grudge between Ling Na and Lin Yun, she would be letting herself down if she did not make use of it!

Back then, Wang Lan had brought her to attend afternoon tea sessions with various wealthy ladies just to bring her into this circle.

They had originally planned to introduce her after she returned to the Lin family for a week.

However, for some reason, this banquet for her debut never happened!

This was not a good thing for Lin Yu!

She did not have the chance to be formally introduced. The public only knew about her past when the Lin couple brought her home.

In this era where news spread like wildfire, she did not want to drown in the crowd so quickly!

She actively participated in all kinds of social events and finally had the chance to get to know the daughters of various families.

From Mimi, the daughter of the Mi family, she had officially entered the circle of noble ladies.

However, this circle was too big. There were many things that she could not understand in a short time.

With Mimi leading the way, Lin Yu gradually got to know Li Ting, Ni Tang, and Ling Na.

The Mi, Li, and Ni Families all had business dealings with the Lin Family, and it could be said that they relied on the Lin Family to survive.

But the Ling family was completely different.

Not only did the Ling family have no business dealings with the Lin family, even their social circles were different.

If the Lin family was a tycoon in Hai Cheng, then the Ling family was probably a tycoon among tycoons!

Not only was the Ling family’s assets above those of the Lin family’s, even the areas they dabbled in were beyond the reach of the Lin family.

Because of this, Ling Na thought highly of herself and did not take the other daughters of wealthy families seriously.

Until now, the only person she had seen and even bore a grudge against was probably Lin Yun!

After Li Ting and Ni Tang gossiped for a while, they realized that Lin Yu was standing by herself and did not join in.

The two of them looked at each other before Li Ting walked over to Lin Yu with a smile.

She reached out to hold Lin Yu’s arm and smiled. “Is our conversation too boring?”

“Let’s go! After our spa treatment, we shall have afternoon tea with Ling

“Yeah! Mimi will be here soon, let’s go in quickly!” Ni Tang also said and followed the waiter to the VIP room.

As soon as the three of them sat down in the VIP room, Mimi pushed the door open and walked in.

“You three are too much! You didn’t wait for me!”

“Well, you snoozed in bed like a lazy pig!” Ni Tang couldn’t help but laugh at Mimi.

“I woke up at 9 am! You guys are too early!” Mimi was still unhappy.

“Lin Yu asked us to pick her up at nine o’clock. You can’t even get up, and you’re blaming us!”

Mimi walked up to Lin Yu with an aggrieved expression. “I’m sorry, Xiao Yu, I don’t have the habit of waking up early!”

“You’re not going to blame me, are you?”

Lin Yu smiled at Mimi and said, “Of course not! We’re good friends, aren’t we?”

When Mimi heard this, she smiled like a flower. “I knew that Xiao Yu is the best!”

“I’m going to change my clothes. Wait for me!” Mimi turned around and rushed out of the VIP room.

“This girl is always so energetic!” Li Ting couldn’t help but complain.

“No wonder Ling Na despises her every time!” Ni Tang also shook her head and echoed.

“Who doesn’t Ling Na despise!” Li Ting stuck out her tongue and looked in Lin Yu’s direction.

Lin Yu looked towards the VIP door, deep in thought…

“Why isn’t Ling Na here yet? She asked us to meet at 2 pm, it’s almost 3 pm now!” Mimi took a bite of the cheesecake and couldn’t help but complain.

“Are you still not used to it?” Li Ting picked up the teacup with two fingers and gave it a light peck. She looked indifferent.

Ni Tang flipped her hands and looked at the nails she just made. She smiled and said, “Anyway, we don’t have anything else to do. Just wait a while!”

Lin Yu silently stirred the coffee in front of her with a spoon.

She still didn’t like the bitter taste of coffee.

However, compared to the sweet and plump fruit tea, she would rather enjoy this bitter taste!