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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 368 - Country bumpkin Pei Man

Chapter 368: Country bumpkin Pei Man

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Yao Fang smiled at Madam Chen and said, “The things in the small building were specially arranged by Master for esteemed guests.”

Hearing Yaofang’s words, Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Wang looked at each other and seemed to see surprise in each other’s eyes.

When Wang Lan heard Yao Fang’s words, she revealed a disdainful expression. “How can such a small pot be enough for the four of us to drink tea! Aren’t you treating our guests too poorly!”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Yao Fang revealed a faint smile. “Madam Lin, don’t worry. Your tea will be served immediately!”

“This weak tea belongs to Sister Man…” Yao Fang nodded at Pei Man again.

Only then did the other three notice how Yaofang addressed Pei Man.

“Are you very familiar with each other?” Madam Wang asked curiously.

Although Yaofang had always treated her guests well, she did not seem familiar with everyone.

From the looks of it, this was not the first time she had met Pei Man.

Looking at Pei Man’s carefree appearance, it didn’t look like her first time here.

Wang Lan snorted and pulled her shawl around her. “Not everyone can come to this place!”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Mrs. Chen coughed lightly and asked Pei Man, “I still don’t know how to address you.”

Pei Man nodded at Wang Lan and was about to answer when Wang Lan stopped her again. “Isn’t she our Xiaoyu’s adoptive mother!”

“Sigh, the families of fishermen will probably only have the chance to come in and take a look when they deliver goods from the building!”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Mrs. Chen did not feel the same at all.

This building was not a restaurant. What could fishermen deliver here?

Moreover, judging from Yaofang’s attitude towards this person, it did not seem like they had met a few times.

Mrs. Chen was an old Daoist social expert to begin with. She did not want to be buried by Madam Lin before she could figure out the other party’s identity!

Seeing that Mrs. Chen did not speak, Madam Wang remained silent.

The two of them began to suspect the identity of this “simple” woman in front of them.

Pei Man did not notice the attitudes of Mrs. Chen and Madam Wang. Instead, she minded Wang Lan’s words. “I’m also Xiao Yun’s biological mother!”

As she spoke, she said to Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Wang, “My name is Pei Man. My husband’s surname is Lin.”

Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Wang were a little embarrassed. They could only smile at Pei Man as a greeting.

The matter of the real and fake daughter of the Lin family caused an uproar in Sea City.

Not long ago, the Zheng family’s banquet pushed the Zheng and Lin families to the center of attention.

Unexpectedly, all the trouble was related to this elegant-looking woman in front of her?

Yao Fang did not speak from the beginning until the two girls brought over the incense burner and a set of purple sand tea sets.

“Madams, please take a seat!” Yao Fang said gently, indicating for them to stop standing.

Because of Pei Man’s arrangements, Wang Lan, who had already sprained her ankle and was holding on, did not need to squat down and sit on the futon.

However, she did not thank anyone at all as she sat down angrily.

Although Mrs Chen was a little dissatisfied, she still sat down with Madam Wang in the guest seat.

The two of them called Pei Man to sit down and waited for Yao Fang to prepare tea for them.

Yao Fang’s tea ceremony skills were commendable in Sea City.

Pei Man looked at Yao Fang’s performance and gently held the square pot in her hand.

This small pot was covered with a handkerchief that Yaofang had prepared. Pei Man happened to hold it in her hand for warmth.

Wang Lan looked at Pei Man’s actions with a sneer.

She was indeed a country bumpkin who did not know how to use treasures. She actually hugged something worth tens of millions to warm herself up!