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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 365 - Meeting

Chapter 365: Meeting

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Pei Man drove to a small independent courtyard and stopped.

She thanked the driver politely and got out.

Just as she reached the courtyard door, she saw Wang Lan, who had just gotten out of the car.

Wang Lan had clearly seen Pei Man’s actions just now and revealed a disdainful expression.

She was so polite to this driver. How ungrand!

The obvious disdain on Wang Lan’s face was seen clearly by Pei Man.

Wang Lan was wearing a wine-red velvet cheongsam. There was a string of fine diamonds embedded in her lapel, making her look slightly opulent. She was also wearing a beige long fur shawl that wrapped around her plump figure.

Seeing Pei Man looking at her, Wang Lan gently moved her hand, revealing the emerald jade necklace under her long hair.

Wang Lan also had a pair of jade earrings of the same color hanging on her ears. She felt she looked very elegant.

Pei Man blinked and was secretly stunned to see such a huge emerald necklace.

Wang Lan looked at Pei Man from head to toe.

Pei Man was wearing a slim-fitting plain-colored dress and a simple square shawl. Only a pair of small earrings hung on her ears, and there was a string of beads hanging on her chest.

Wang Lan looked at Pei Man’s “poor” appearance and glared at her before saying, “You’re here.”

Pei Man nodded and asked Wang Lan, “Why are you looking for me?”

“Let’s talk inside!” Wang Lan said and walked into the courtyard without looking at Pei Man.

Pei Man looked up at the name “Ping Lou” on the stone tablet at the door, shrugged, and followed her in.

The two of them entered the courtyard one after another and saw a girl walking over in a cotton dress.

“Madam Lin…” The girl paused for a moment before saying to the two of them, “Please come in!”

Wang Lan walked in with her head held high, ignoring Pei Man behind her, as if the two of them had not come together.

Wang Lan walked towards the familiar VIP tea room. Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Wang, whom she had arranged to meet, had already arrived.

When the two of them saw Wang Lan, they immediately welcomed her. “Madam Lin, you’re finally here! We’ve been waiting for so long!”

Wang Lan smiled brightly. “Aiya, my husband insisted on giving me a new set of jewelry today. I was held up.”

As Wang Lan spoke, she gently adjusted her towering bun and showed the two of them a huge emerald ring and earrings.

When she moved, the jade necklace on her chest could be seen clearly.

Seeing this, Madam Wang immediately exclaimed, “This is top-notch jade. The set of jewelry is expensive!”

“Aiya! It’s nothing! I just came back from overseas!” Wang Lan’s face was filled with smugness.

Mrs. Chen was born into a wealthy family and had never been interested in competing.

She chuckled at Wang Lan and said, “Your husband really dotes on you!”

Wang Lan smiled coquettishly, looking like a newlywed. “We’ve been married for so long, but he still likes to do these things.”

Everyone knew that Mrs. Chen and her husband were connected by marriage. The two of them had been married for almost 20 years, but had not developed any feelings for each other.

However, the two of them had reached a consensus. In their marriage, they would played their own games and did not affect each other.

Mrs. Chen picked up her teacup and took a sip, not responding to Wang Lan.

After a while, the two of them realized that Pei Man was behind Wang Lan.

Madam Wang tilted her head and looked at Pei Man suspiciously.

She sized Pei Man up and was even more curious about this simple person who stood beside Wang Lan without any sense of existence.

“This is…” Madam Wang raised her voice and asked Pei Man.