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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 360 - Not Your Home

Chapter 360: Not Your Home

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Seeing that Pei Man was concerned about Lin Yun’s feelings, Lin Yu pursed her lips and walked to Pei Man’s side.

“Mom, why did you suddenly think of renovating the house?” Lin Yu asked indignantly.

Hearing Lin Yu call her “Mom”, Pei Man was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, “Your father and I like this style.”

“After you went back there, we wanted to tidy up the place.”

Pei Man said it casually because she didn’t want Lin Yu to be too sad.

Seeing Lin Yun’s relaxed appearance, Lin Yu immediately felt that she was no longer valued in this family.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Where are my second brother and the others?”

Hearing Lin Yu’s question, Pei Man looked at her strangely. “Why have you been mentioning your second brother recently? Your relationship wasn’t good before!”

Lin Yu chuckled and said, “It’s nothing. We’re about the same age, so it’s normal for us to play around.”

“I happened to see someone who looks like him recently, so I wanted to ask if he knew him.”

Lin Yun immediately understood the meaning behind Lin Yu’s words. Lin Yu was here to confirm Lin Qian’s identity!

She heard that the production team had arranged for a few mentors to attend the cocktail party today. Lin Qian probably wouldn’t be able to come back today.

As Lin Yun was thinking, a greeting suddenly came from outside the courtyard. “Mom, is there any food? I’m hungry!”

Lin Qian’s voice sounded high, stunning everyone in the room.

When Lin Yu heard Lin Qian’s voice, her entire body tensed up.

Lin Yun looked at the door curiously, wanting to see why Lin Qian had rushed back.

Lin Qian walked in arrogantly and threw his backpack on the sofa. He sighed and said, “I’ve been so busy with work these past two days that I haven’t eaten properly! I’m about to starve to death!”

Lin Qian looked at Pei Man. “Mom, I…”

Before he could finish, he noticed Lin Yu beside Pei Man. “Why are you here?”

Hearing Lin Qian’s unfriendly tone, Lin Yu frowned. “Why can’t I come? This is my home!”

When Lin Qian heard this, he suddenly sneered. “Miss Lin, have you forgotten that this isn’t your home? Your home is in that mansion in Sea City!”

Hearing Lin Qian’s sarcastic words, Lin Yu’s expression turned ugly. “What do you mean!”

Lin Qian found it even funnier. “Aren’t you afraid of losing your status by being seen coming to our fishing village at night?”

Lin Yu felt even more embarrassed when she heard Lin Qian making things difficult for her.

She turned to Pei Man aggrievedly. “Mom, look at Second Brother…”

Before Lin Yu could finish, Lin Qian had already reached out to stop her from continuing. “Don’t! I’m not your second brother! I can’t bear it if you call me that!”

Lin Yu was sulking and angry, but Lin Qian forcefully refuted the good show she wanted to put up.

Lin Yu lowered her head slightly. As she pretended to be pitiful, she was thinking about how to confirm Lin Qian’s identity.

Finally, Lin Ting walked over from the kitchen and said, “Come in and eat! They’re all ingredients we just brought back. If you’re hungry, make do.”

When Lin Qian heard this, he immediately ran over.

Lin Yun also said to Lin Ting, “Dad, I’m hungry too!”

Lin Yu looked at Lin Qian and Lin Yun’s backs and said to Pei Man, “Mom, let’s go eat something.”

Although Pei Man was helpless, she could only follow Lin Yu to the kitchen.

The few side dishes Lin Ting prepared were all the siblings’ favorites.

However, Lin Yu’s taste was different from theirs since she was young. She looked at the dishes on the table and couldn’t help but frown.

“Dad, is this all?” Lin Yu couldn’t help but ask.